Tap new demands to meet industry changes “super renewal plan” of Jingdong household appliances to promote industry structural upgrading

Recently, the 2021 Jingdong appliance Partner Conference was held in Beijing, with nearly 1000 heads of appliance enterprises from all over the country attending the conference to discuss the future development opportunities of the industry with Jingdong appliance.

Yao Yanzhong, senior vice president of Jingdong group and President of 3C household appliance group, shared the successful experience of Jingdong in bringing the PC industry back from the stock market to the incremental market by mining the segmentation track. He hoped that the partners would trust and support Jingdong more, innovate the incremental market together, and create greater value for the home appliance industry.

Change and invariance in the great change

For the home appliance industry, this year is the key year for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and also the key year for accelerating the realization of digital transformation and intelligent upgrading. Participants have long felt the breath of change from the consumer market, and the most intuitive manifestation is that the industry has changed from the popular demand of consumers to the demand of renewal iteration; From the perspective of the industry, it is from the incremental market to the stock market.

The competition in the new era will inevitably focus on the development of independent innovation industry chain to strengthen, supplement and extend the chain.

Home appliance enterprises deeply realize the pain of price war. Therefore, in the stock age, only products that solve different pain points of users and launch new use scenarios can survive, develop and grow. Therefore, the only constant is that the industry must change all the time.

For example, after the epidemic, the concept of health appliances quickly entered people’s vision. At several outbreak nodes in a row, the sales curve of products focusing on sterilization and health concepts rose sharply. JD also joined hands with its brand to launch many new household appliances for related purposes, which were widely recognized by consumers and the market.

Another example is the success of low sugar rice cookers. Previously, due to its high penetration rate and stable quality, the rice cooker category was recognized as the Red Sea in the market; However, since the concept of low sugar rice cooker has become popular, the growth of related industries is amazing, and the stock market has burst out with great potential, which can not help but arouse the thinking of practitioners.

Jingdong household appliances took the lead in making changes. At the conference, Xie fan, vice president of Jingdong group and President of home appliance business division, said that in the face of the challenges and opportunities faced by the home appliance industry in entering the stock market, Jingdong home appliance made clear the value proposition of “creating life value with home appliances” and upgraded the brand slogan to “rejuvenate your life”.

Unscrambling the password of industrial structural upgrading

What is “renew your life”? Xie fan explained that JD household appliances will cooperate with the omni channel ecological construction and platform efficiency improvement, and work with all partners to promote the structural upgrading of the household appliance industry in an all-round way.

As a large household consumption industry, the upgrading of home appliance industry must focus on the needs of users. For example, the popularity of blind box, its social attributes, the characteristics of grass economy, and consumers who pay for their interests and appearance, all highly coincide with the consumer demand of emerging home appliances.

How to meet the needs of such consumers? It’s a tough problem. And Jingdong appliance is just one of the masters of mining demand. Since the launch of the platform, special evaluation mechanism and honest and intuitive sales display have played an important role in statistics and business survey.

In 2018, based on the differentiated needs of different consumer groups, Jingdong Household Appliances Co developed various categories of “Jingpin household appliances” products with the characteristics of specialized subdivision function, no over configuration, high price and high quality, which received good feedback from the market.

Therefore, when Jingdong appliance launched the “super new plan”, it is not surprising to see that the means of building IP, brand day and Jingpin appliance are mainly promoting heavy new products; By means of house wide appliance arbitrage and scene display to comprehensively improve the shopping experience, more new products will be smashed, and the success rate of “new instant products” will be improved.

Relying on its sensitivity to changes in market demand, Jingdong household appliances has promoted the upgrading of household appliances manufacturing industry towards “quality manufacturing” and “intelligent manufacturing”, and simultaneously renewed its brand value, market growth and people’s life.

Omni channel layout is the constant service of Jingdong household appliances

If we say that the variety of consumers needs now, then the invariability of consumers reflects the high standard and strict requirements for high standard service and shopping experience.

Jingdong appliance has always been a pioneer in the field of service. From the logistics of the next day or even the same day, to the pre-sale and after-sale guarantee, it can be said that JD appliances can win the trust of consumers and accumulate public praise, and service is the key to success.

In the “super Huanxin plan”, JD home appliances launched the “worry free exchange” upgrade service to further upgrade and optimize the original leading service“ The goal of “worry free exchange” is to comprehensively improve the existing system and realize the door-to-door service integrating delivery, installation, dismantling and recycling.

The online and offline Omni channel ecology is an integral part of the chain supplement and extension of the home appliance industry. Under the background of digital and intelligent upgrading, JD home appliances realizes multi terminal and multi scene links through digital tools. According to Xie fan, JD home appliances will focus on increasing the number of new home appliance stores. In 2021, it plans to increase the total number of stores to 20000. At the same time, by increasing the business area of a single store and improving the efficiency of stores, JD home appliances will realize network expansion and efficiency improvement, store digitization and retail transformation.

In addition, the technical service of home appliance industry has a new development pattern. In the omni channel strategy of Jingdong household appliances, Jingdong develops from a retailer to a technology and service enterprise based on the supply chain, and constructs the world’s leading supply chain infrastructure. Through the accurate connection of digital intelligent supply, intelligent operation of warehouse distribution and accurate matching of people and goods yard, the industrial end and consumer end are connected in series to realize the structural upgrading of the industry and further optimize the cost, efficiency and experience of the home appliance industry.



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