LCD panel is in short supply, and TV prices have risen significantly recently


Recently, the price of TV has increased significantly, which has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Affected by the upstream panel prices and other factors, it is expected that the average sales price of flat-panel TV will increase during May Day.

液晶面板供应不足 电视近期涨价明显

What’s the point? With the fierce competition in the TV industry and the endless low prices, consumers also get dividends. However, this situation has been reversed. With the rise of LCD panel prices, the era of low price TV has ended. More and more manufacturers can not bear the pressure of cost and announce the increase of TV price products. If consumers want to buy TV, they must pay more money.

According to industry forecasts, the supply and demand relationship will continue to be tight in the first half of the year, and panel prices are expected to continue to rise, and the price rise will continue until June. In the latter half of the year, affected by the slowdown of demand and the improvement of supply capacity, the supply and demand tend to be stable and gradually loose, and the panel price will have the opportunity to callback.



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