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For gamers, the most exciting thing in the near future is that since September last year, rtx30 Series graphics cards are hard to get. On the one hand, the global shortage of chips is a major trend. On the other hand, the crazy market of virtual currency makes it more difficult for ordinary players to get graphics cards.

Fortunately, it is reported that NVIDIA will add new hardware level computing power restrictions to the subsequent geforcertx30 Series graphics card products. This is the collaborative restriction of hardware, driver and BIOS. If the rumor is true, the hard to get situation of that card is expected to improve.

For the rtx30 Series graphics card based on ampere architecture, geforce rtx3060 is the most suitable one for ordinary players. The card was born to popularize ray tracing & amp; DLSS and other new technologies, and even many people in the industry generally believe that geforce rtx3060 is very promising to replace gtx1060, the most popular graphics card in recent five years. Why does rtx3060, entrusted by the industry, attract players’ attention so much? Why is the new feature of rtx30 Series graphics card so popular? Let’s get to know each other.

More efficient ray tracing:

In the early days of ray tracing, many players were shocked by the real light and shadow of real-time ray tracing, and also saw the huge cost of real-time ray tracing on hardware performance. In the Turing architecture of rtx20 series, NVIDIA has introduced ray tracing core for GPU to assist ray tracing operation. In the ampere architecture of rtx30 series, GPU core uses the second generation ray tracing core unit. The second generation of ray tracing core adds the accelerated operation support of dynamic blur, and the basic BVH computing performance is doubled compared with the previous generation.

This means that each rtx30 Series graphics card has more efficient ray tracing performance than the previous generation’s “predecessors” at the same level or even beyond. For example, rtx3060 equipped with a new generation of ray tracing unit has significantly surpassed rtx2070 in DirectX ray tracing performance score, with a range of 21.8%.

The efficiency of ray tracing is not only reflected in the cold performance points, but also in the actual game experience, rtx30 Series graphics card can render more abundant light and shadow, which is also the result of the performance improvement of the second generation ray tracing core.

More practical dlss2.0:

In those years, along with ray tracing, DLSS technology, namely deep learning supersampling technology, was brought to the players. On the GPU with ampere architecture, tensor core, which is specially responsible for this operation, has evolved to the third generation. Deep learning often requires a lot of data calculation, This is also the reason why NVIDIA is equipped with tensor core specialized in matrix mathematical operation for RTX Series graphics cards.

As a technical case of deep learning, DLSS aims to provide gamers with better picture quality and higher frame rate game experience. As a new technology “matching” with ray tracing, it makes use of deep learning to let tensor core to help traditional operation unit supersampling low resolution pictures into high resolution pictures, which can not only play a similar anti aliasing effect, but also improve the efficiency of traditional operation unit, thus improving the game frame rate.

In the period of DLSS 1.0, some players reported that there would be some deficiencies in the image quality after starting the technology in some games. Now, with the upgrading of DLSS to 2.0, the experience of optimizing the image quality has been significantly improved, and DLSS 2.0 supports supersampling 1440p images to 8K.

“Free benefits” nvidiareflex:

The aforementioned optical pursuit and DLSS are new technologies for new cards in recent years. The NVIDIA reflex technology recently launched is much more friendly for old users – it is supported by 900 series or above graphics cards.

This is a special optimization technology for hardware input delay, from mouse input command to CPU processing, to rendering queue, and then GPU rendering and output to screen. NVIDIA refers to the system delay in the whole process. NVIDIA reflex can help CPU and GPU work more cooperatively to reduce the delay.

In theory, the older the configuration of the whole device is, the more obvious the delay reduction effect that NVIDIA reflex can bring. Moreover, as long as the latest geforce experience is installed, players on the old platform (900 series or above graphics cards) can enjoy the low delay experience brought by NVIDIA reflex, which can be understood as a free benefit for old users.

More productive NVIDIA Studio:

The earlier geforce series of graphics cards were not built around productivity, but with the advent of the era of universal creation, NVIDIA has injected more productivity elements into geforce series of graphics cards in recent years in order to benefit ordinary content creators (UGC). Today, NVIDIA studio is a set concept that can help improve productivity in many industries, including 3D animation, video editing, still photography, graphics processing, building visualization and live broadcasting.

Especially on the rtx30 Series graphics card with the second generation ray tracing core and the third generation tensor core, the powerful light tracing power can provide more accurate light and shadow and faster rendering speed in 3D animation and architectural visualization; The accelerated AI function can accelerate the speed of image resolution, photo enhancement, detail color and face matching in the editing software commonly used by creators, such as Adobe RR, PS, DaVinci, and improve the productivity of creators.

At the end:

In recent years, NVIDIA has added a lot of new technologies to geforce Series graphics cards, such as ray tracing to improve the authenticity of picture light and shadow, DLSS to improve the picture quality and the game frame rate, and various productivity software acceleration functions. These are practical technologies to improve the user experience of players and creators. No wonder rtx3060 will attract the attention of PC hardware users.

However, consumers are trapped by the irrational market price of new cards and a very small number of cash. For those who are not in a hurry to upgrade graphics cards, we might as well wait. The dawn of victory may appear in the near future. For those who are eager to replace new graphics cards, the author suggests that they can directly purchase the complete machine equipped with rtx30 Series graphics cards. Now, the complete machine manufacturers often focus on rtx30 Series graphics cards with the latest processor, memory, power supply, hard disk and other peripheral hardware, and those who want to build productivity or game platform also save their own DIY time, It’s easier to snap up a single card than a single one. Why not.



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