“My Nikon” wechat app beta officially launched

Nikon announced that the beta version of “my Nikon” wechat app will be officially launched on April 30, 2021, providing users with a more convenient and efficient way to log in to the “my Nikon” platform, helping you enjoy the charm of the light and shadow world anytime and anywhere.


“My Nikon” wechat app has a creative and eye-catching logo design, which brings users a refreshing visual experience. Its creative inspiration comes from Nikon lens, which means to establish a deeper emotional connection with users and express wonderful video stories.

“My Nikon” wechat app is an interactive platform for sharing, learning and discussion. It creates online image space and a variety of content gathering places with photos, activities, dry goods and videos. At the same time, small programs bring online users a social experience that is easy to communicate and operate. In the future, “my Nikon” wechat app will further optimize the user experience and expand a more free, broad and fun world of light and shadow for every user.

My Nikon WeChat applet can be checked in the official account of Nikon China, and can also be scanned by two-dimensional code. Guided by sharing, learning and discussion, the app aims to create a more convenient and relaxed user experience.




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