Nikon new no reflexive camera exposure, or for the starter Z30

On April 30, Keijo Oishi, former manager of Nikon’s imaging department, said in an interview that Nikon would not ignore the entry-level non reflexive camera market, and there would also be Z series non reflexive cameras and lenses in DX format. Recently, it has been revealed that Nikon has registered a brand new APS-C frame no reflection camera, code named n2016. The n2016 may be a follow-up upgrade to the Z50 launched in late 2019, or a more entry-level Z30.


According to n2016’s online registration documents, the new machine will continue to use Z50’s en-el25 lithium-ion charging cell, and will use Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm f3.5-6.3 VR as a set lens. The fastest release date may be July 2021. It is also said that Nikon is more likely to release the entry-level Z30, because it is in line with Nikon’s need to seize the APS-C frame entry camera market.




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