Support 8K and 120 frames 4K raw recording, Astro Ninja V + officially released

Astro Boy officially released its own Ninja V + and Ninja stream. This time, it supports prores raw 8K and 120 frame 4K raw recording (h.265 encoding (up to 4:2:2 10bit all-I)). Of course, the price is not cheap. The price of $1499 is about 9700 yuan, which is the same as the price of three Ninja V’s.

支持8K和120帧4K RAW外录 阿童木Ninja V+正式发布

The newly released Ninja stream supports 60 frames per second of 4K HDR live broadcast function, supports Wi Fi, Ethernet and usb-c interface links, and can make streaming media without a computer. The price has not yet been announced.

支持8K和120帧4K RAW外录 阿童木Ninja V+正式发布

Via: camera beta



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