Technology lookout: let you know about re size bar support

Do you know about the re size bar support launched by NVIDIA and Intel? It is an effective way to improve the performance of the game, like the game players can make good use of it. This time, I would like to share my recent experience in using re size bar support.

What is re size bar support?

When amd released the RX 6000 Series graphics card last year, it brought Sam video memory smart technology, which allows AMD processor to directly calculate the data in the video memory of AMD graphics card, thus improving the graphics performance of the computer.

Now, Intel and NVIDIA have developed a technology similar to AMD Sam, called re size bar support, which allows Intel processors to directly calculate the data in the memory of NVIDIA graphics card, so as to improve the graphics performance of the computer.

What is the Chinese name of re size bar support?

Unfortunately, there is no Chinese name for re size bar support. I hope NVIDIA and Intel can quickly name their names. Otherwise, it would be inconvenient for us Chinese to remember such a large number of English letters, which would greatly affect the communication effect.

Are there any requirements for using re size bar support?

Graphics card, motherboard, game, these three elements must support re size bar support!

科技瞭望台:带你了解Re-Size BAR Support

Starting from rtx3060, NVIDIA’s new graphics card has added re size bar support. Before rtx3060, rtx30 Series graphics cards, including rtx3090, rtx3080, rtx3070 and so on, need to update the BIOS to support.

科技瞭望台:带你了解Re-Size BAR Support

科技瞭望台:带你了解Re-Size BAR Support

At present, z590 motherboard definitely supports re size bar support. The last generation of z490 motherboard, after updating the BIOS, is also able to support. I have an ASUS Rog maximum XII formula motherboard and a z490 chipset in my hand. ASUS launched the 1003 version of BIOS on December 23, 2020, which can support re size bar support.

科技瞭望台:带你了解Re-Size BAR Support

Update to the latest version of BIOS, the re size bar support option will appear in the BIOS of ASUS Rog maximum XIII hero motherboard. The re size bar support function of this motherboard is turned off by default and needs to be turned on manually.

What about the game? At present, relatively new light chasing games have begun to support re size bar support, such as cyberpunk 2077, which is popular all over the world. Over time, there will definitely be more games to support.

Enjoy playing games, NVIDIA graphics card is red, CPU is green!

At present, the vast majority of games are not satisfied with the advanced processor such as the sharp dragon 9 or core i9, and many games can’t even use 50% of the CPU utilization. Therefore, how to make good use of CPU resources has become one of the important methods for NVIDIA to improve game performance. To put it bluntly, in the field of games, NVIDIA graphics card is safflower, CPU is green leaf, green leaf foil safflower, the game will be more exciting!

At present, re size bar support is mainly used in desktop platform. As the desktop platform does not worry about power consumption, the remaining computing resources of CPU can assist NVIDIA graphics card in graphics computing.

Although re size bar support can also be applied to game books, I guess its effect is certainly not as good as desktop platform.

On the game based platform, because the power consumption of the game based machine is very limited, it can’t run as fast as a desktop machine, so NVIDIA has launched the dynamic boost 2.0 technology.

Dynamic boost 2.0 dynamic acceleration technology can dynamically allocate power to CPU and GPU, the power consumption of both is dynamic, while the total power consumption tends to be stable. With the total power consumption unchanged, dynamic boost 2.0 maximizes the utilization of power consumption through dynamic power allocation, so as to improve the performance of the game.

To put it bluntly, dynamic boost 2.0 dynamic acceleration technology is to reduce the power consumption of CPU and increase the power consumption of graphics card, so as to achieve better game performance.

Do you understand? Re size bar support and dynamic boost 2.0 dynamic acceleration technology are both for NVIDIA graphics card, which can further improve the game performance of computer.

What is the effect of re size bar support?

Whether the effect is good or not, we will know by a test. Next, the author builds a z490 platform to experience the actual effect of re size bar support.

科技瞭望台:带你了解Re-Size BAR Support

3dmark benchmark

3dmark is the most widely used test software for game graphics card, with unparalleled authority. 3dmark99, 3dmark2001, 3dmark2003, 3dmark2005, 3dmark2006, 3dmark vantage, 3dmark 11 and the new 3dmark have been released.

科技瞭望台:带你了解Re-Size BAR Support

3dmark benchmark can not compare the effect of re size bar support.

Light pursuit game: cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is undoubtedly one of the most popular computer games. It tells a story of action adventure in an open world. The game is set in “night city”, a metropolis obsessed with power, charm and physical transformation. The player’s character “V” becomes a mercenary wandering on the edge of the law after accepting a physical transformation in an attempt to achieve immortality.

科技瞭望台:带你了解Re-Size BAR Support

Light chasing game — bright memory: infinite

“Bright memory: Infinity” is a first person shooting game developed by Feiyan islands and released by plasma, which has not been released yet. Background: in 2036, in the future city, strange phenomena suddenly appear in the sky all over the world. Scientists can’t explain these phenomena. A mysterious organization on the earth, the research organization of supernatural Sciences (SRO), has sent several team members to investigate this anomaly. Behind this event, the survival of “two worlds” is implicated, and a dusty history will be revealed.

“Bright memory: Infinity” has not been released yet, but the game has provided a set of ray tracing benchmark, which is convenient for players to test the performance of graphics card.

科技瞭望台:带你了解Re-Size BAR Support

According to these two new generation light chasing games, the effect of re size bar support is quite obvious and satisfactory.

Full text summary

At present, re size bar support is still in its infancy. I believe that through continuous improvement in the future, the function will become better and better. Finally, I hope NVIDIA and Intel can give it a Chinese name as soon as possible, so that Chinese people can remember it more easily.

Well, this “technology lookout” is written here, I hope you like it!



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