Pre sale of Xiaomi notebook Pro 14 with mx450

Xiaomi notebook Pro 14 single display version is currently in pre-sale, users who want to take advantage of May day to buy light and thin version can start with this one. This notebook is equipped with a 2.5k, 120Hz retina flow rate screen, and the performance is very good.

搭配MX450独显 小米笔记本Pro 14预售

At this year’s spring new product launch of Xiaomi, the new Xiaomi notebook Pro Series was officially released. The new Xiaomi notebook Pro is positioned as a business lightweight version. As a pro series product, it adopts a 6-series aviation aluminum alloy body with more high-end CNC technology, and is equipped with 11 generations of intel core processor, geforce mx450 independent graphics card, Xiaoai classmate and MIUI +.

Xiaomi notebook Pro 14 is equipped with a 14 inch full fit mirror screen, 16:10 ratio, 2560 * 1600 resolution, 300nit brightness, 100% sRGB color gamut, with a refresh rate of 120Hz, and supports switching to 60Hz and 90hz.

搭配MX450独显 小米笔记本Pro 14预售

In terms of configuration, the pro 14 of Xiaomi notebook is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation core H35 standard pressure mobile processor, with i5 and i7 optional, the graphics card has sharp torch and MX 450 optional, the memory is 16GB ddr4-3200, and the SSD is 512gb. The notebook weighs about 1.5kg and is about 15.9mm thick.

In other aspects, the Xiaomi notebook Pro 14 is equipped with a lightning 4 interface, two usb-c interfaces and a headset interface. The body adopts high-end CNC integrated precision carving process, supports 100W second charging, and has flagship configurations such as WiFi 6, Xiaoai classmate and MIUI +.



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