Natural healing right! Yunnan Baiyao oral care family meets Song Yi, opening the healing power!

On April 29, Yunnan Baiyao oral care products officially joined hands with Song Yi, the cure Ambassador of oral care products, to jointly interpret the new concept of “one brush and one rinse” oral care. With the strength of joint efforts, the sense of cure has doubled, protecting the oral health of Chinese people, and bringing a new experience of oral care!

天生“愈” 对 !云南白药口腔护理家族邂逅宋轶,开启满满治愈力!

Song Yi, born in the performance Department of the Central Academy of drama, with her superb acting skills and sweet looks, has played in many popular dramas, such as the disguiser, qingniannian, Zhuo son-in-law, etc. she has created many well-known and profound roles such as Yu Manli, fan ruoro, Su Taner, etc., and has become a powerful actor with excellent acting skills. Yunnan Baiyao oral care products, as a national product of oral care brand, continue to occupy a leading position in the sales of word-of-mouth. The newly promoted oral care concept of “one brush, one rinse” helps the national oral health, and interprets the cure and care incisively and vividly. Song Yi’s performing strength and flexible connotation coincide with the brand image and brand concept of Yunnan Baiyao oral care products, adding luster to the brand.

On the night of the 29th, Song Yi parachuted into Weiya’s Taobao studio to interact with the anchor. During the live broadcast, Song Yi took the initiative to open a “bag” to show her fans the good things that she usually carries with her. The most noticeable thing is the Yunnan Baiyao active peptide toothpaste and oral repair gargle that Song Yi always carries in her bag. Song Yi explains that she cleans her teeth several times a day, brushes her teeth three times a day and cleans her braces three times a day, The maintenance of a good mouth comes from the self-discipline of female stars on health and the choice of good products.

天生“愈” 对 !云南白药口腔护理家族邂逅宋轶,开启满满治愈力!

With the acceleration of the pace of life, gingival redness and swelling caused by work anxiety, and the preference for hot food leading to oral mucosal micro damage, more and more people are troubled by oral problems. Now Yunnan Baiyao oral care products have launched the “cure combination” of active peptide repair small blue tube toothpaste and maintenance large white bottle gargle, Blue and white CP strong guard, sooner or later brush your teeth, gargle after meals, a brush a gargle, help everyone repair, alleviate difficult oral problems, enjoy a good “food” light.

A good stuttering world, spicy hot no longer afraid. Together with Song Yi, we will take action of “one brush and one gargle” and harvest the same high-quality products. Only when we configure our oral cavity well, everything will be like “Yi” and the mouth will be smooth!



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