Queen’s Day! This light and high value notebook is reliable

The annual queen’s Day is coming again! In this special festival for women, of course, women are the biggest friends. The establishment of section 3.8 represents women’s independence. It is said that “women can hold up half of the sky”, and women are playing an increasingly irreplaceable role in society. It happens that all the major e-commerce platforms have launched the promotion activities of Queen’s day. Why not take this opportunity to start some favorite things for yourself that have been “planting grass” for a long time!

Whether it’s college students who study hard in the school, new employees who have just stepped out of the society, or elite women who live in the workplace, for the majority of women, a satisfactory laptop can become a good helper in their work and life. HP star 14 is a high-performance and light-weight laptop with elegant appearance, high face value, light and portable body, and extraordinary performance, which accurately meets the needs of many female users for notebook computers. In this special Queen’s day, start with a reliable star 14 high-performance thin book!

Everyone has a love for beauty. Many women have high standards for the aesthetic design of things around them. For them, as a life partner who needs to take with them every day when they go out, the notebook computer must not be bad in appearance, while the star 14 high-performance lightweight version has outstanding appearance, which absolutely meets the high expectations of users for the appearance of the notebook. The A-side and C-side of xing14 High-Performance Lightweight book are made of metal materials. It is an integrated design. It has three colors of first love powder, streamer gold and moonlight silver. It not only provides a sense of elegant quality, but also meets the individual color needs of different users. I believe that with xing14 High-Performance Lightweight book, you will be more beautiful.

It has become the habit of many female users to carry a notebook computer with many skills. For these users, the portability of notebook computer is particularly important. Star 14 is high-performance and light weight, about 1.41kg and 16.9mm, which can be easily lifted by female users with one hand. Such a thin star 14 with high performance and light weight can be easily stored in all kinds of carry on bags, so that you can easily carry your powerful productivity, but you don’t need to adjust your daily commuting clothes, and you don’t feel tired at all.

In the aspect of “beauty”, star 14’s high-performance and frivolous book has not only outstanding “external beauty”, but also “internal beauty”. You can see it when you open it. A full screen is embedded in the B side of the notebook. The visual effect is very shocking. The high-performance and light-weight version of star 14 adopts a comprehensive screen design. This ipsfhd Full HD screen accounts for an amazing 84% of the screen. It supports 178 ° wide viewing angle and 72% NTSC high color gamut. The brightness reaches 400 nits. It looks excellent both inside and outside the screen. It can provide excellent visual experience for your office and entertainment.

On the C side, the high-performance and lightweight version of star 14 is also full of bright spots – the keyboard with high-end design and good workmanship is 19mm standard key pitch design, which supports adjustable two levels of backlight, providing you with a relaxed and pleasant typing experience; the area of the high-sensitivity touchpad under the keyboard increases by 38%, and the fingerprint identification beside the touchpad greatly simplifies the user’s login process. Under multiple optimizations, the user can enter The experience is first-class.

In modern life, notebook has become our intimate partner. We use notebook to contact relatives and friends, complete work, leisure and entertainment. Notebook has to undertake all kinds of heavy tasks, and its performance must be solid. Star 14 is high-performance and light-weight. It is equipped with the 11th generation of intel core processor, and the maximum optional i7-1165g7 processor. It has 4 cores and 8 threads. The Rui frequency can reach 4.7ghz, and its performance is powerful enough to meet the needs of work and entertainment. With powerful processor, HP star 14 can perfectly complete tasks in office, PS image processing and game entertainment. In addition, the star 14 high-performance slim edition is also equipped with a new NVIDIA Ge force mx450 graphics card, which has powerful graphics processing capability. If you are a master of picture editing or a game enthusiast, the star 14 high-performance slim edition will live up to your expectations.

In terms of storage, the high-performance and lightweight version of star 14 is equipped with a combination of up to 16gb3200mhz memory and 512gbnvmessd solid-state disk, providing users with a “fast and installable” storage experience. 16GB of high-speed memory ensures the high-speed response ability in multitask processing, and 512gb of mass storage allows users to store all kinds of large files without worrying about the bottom of hard disk capacity. With the rapid mass storage capacity, many female users who like to store film and television resources on their computers can easily store all kinds of movies and TV dramas on their computers.

For film and television fans who like to put their laptops on their laptops to catch up with TV dramas, the heat dissipation performance of computers is also very important. Star 14 has high performance, light weight, high efficiency and quiet heat dissipation. Its fan adopts three-phase motor design, with thinner blades, which can effectively improve wind speed and reduce noise. Under continuous high-energy work, you can also keep a “calm” appearance, without the worry of fever and noise.

In terms of endurance, the performance of the high-performance and lightweight version of star 14 is even more extraordinary. The built-in high-capacity battery supports long-term battery life. With the built-in innovative technology, it can monitor the battery charging state and service time in real time, so as to achieve longer battery life. When playing local Full HD video, the battery life can reach 9 hours, which is strong enough to meet the needs of one day’s work and entertainment. In addition, the high-performance and light-weight version of star 14 also supports fast charging technology. It only takes 30 minutes to realize the power consumption from 0% to 50%, and a lunch time can be “full blood resurrection”.

Work and life inevitably need to exchange files, connect devices, laptop connectivity and scalability is particularly important. Star 14 High-Performance Lightweight not only has a comprehensive interface, but also achieves an excellent level in wireless connectivity. On the interface, it comes with usbgen2 interface, full-function usbtype-c3.2gen2 interface, HDMI interface, headphone microphone interface and SD card reader, so that you can easily connect external devices. In addition, the high-performance and lightweight version of star 14 also supports the latest WiFi 6 wireless protocol, with its speed increased nearly 3 times and capacity increased nearly 4 times, so that you will not be disturbed by dropping the line in your life and entertainment.

What is the most comfortable way to use computers? Naturally, it’s a voice way of “only speaking but not doing”. Star 14 is a high-performance, light and affordable small and micro AI intelligent voice assistant, which supports Chinese intelligent speech recognition. Don’t you want to control the computer by hand at lazy times? Just say it. In addition, the software is also very intimate, perfectly meet the needs of female users: pre installed genuine windows 10 and office office software, so that “out of the box”, free of the user’s software download and purchase costs.

It’s the Queen’s day again, and several e-commerce platforms have been promoted. Why don’t the girls take advantage of this huge benefit to start a satisfactory laptop? I believe that star 14, which is light, high-energy and powerful, with high performance and light weight, will be your perfect partner in work and life. Star 14 high performance and light book is now on the tmall platform for discount activities. Now book, the final price is only 5099 yuan, and 100 yuan cat super card is waiting for you. The discount range is huge, go quickly. [app terminal PC terminal]

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