At that time, Jingdong home appliances smashed billions of subsidies, setting off a new wave

The long-awaited May Day holiday finally arrived as promised. Previously, topics such as the sale of May Day train tickets more than tripled the year before last, the number of domestic tourists may reach 200 million, and the May Day holiday ushered in “explosive” travel frequently hit the hot search. Many small partners changed their original travel plans early. However, wood has a relationship, travel has a sense of travel, and homestead also has the fun of homestead. If you don’t have a better arrangement for a long vacation, Xiaobian can help you come up with ideas.

First of all, go home to see my parents. Some people say that growing up is the process of getting away from my parents. When we grow up, we may struggle outside to learn; Or for the sake of our small family, we have few time to accompany our parents, so we can go home to accompany our parents during the holidays and buy a Casati fresh air conditioner for them. When we can’t always accompany our parents, at least it can take the place of us to protect our parents’ health.

Casati fresh air conditioning can introduce outdoor air for constant temperature treatment, dust removal and dehumidification at the same time, so as to reduce the pollutants entering the room, prevent disease infection, and enable parents to breathe outdoor fresh air at home; For the coming hot summer, there is no need to worry about the direct blowing of the air conditioner and the physical discomfort caused by the low temperature. The upper and lower partition air supply design of Casati fresh air conditioner independently controls can intelligently identify the cold and hot conditions of different human bodies in the room, and realize accurate air supply. The elderly and children can safely blow, healthy and comfortable.

五一焕新正当时 京东家电狂砸十亿补贴掀起焕新狂潮

Then accompany the children, the best education is to accompany the growth of children, parents accompany is the most indispensable part of children’s growth. Many parents, especially the role of father, want to close the distance with their children, often do not know where to start. Instead of aimless chat, it’s better to find common interests, such as watching movies and playing games together! Buy a Sony x91j Game TV and put it in the living room for a parent-child duel to experience the ultimate game experience brought by the big screen; Or after dinner, the whole family will sit in the living room and enjoy a good movie with high-definition picture quality and perfect sound effect, which will immediately make the whole family realize the speed of private theater, and a TV will easily build a bridge between parents and children.

五一焕新正当时 京东家电狂砸十亿补贴掀起焕新狂潮

Finally, I’d like to invite three or five friends to get together at home to experience the slow time I haven’t seen for a long time. It’s also a pleasant choice to make a table of exquisite food, have a drink and chat about the past and recall the past. Seeing off friends and cleaning this big project, we will give it to Bisheng mopping machine, which can absorb, mop and wash dirt in one step, self-cleaning, free from the trouble of dismantling and washing, and no longer have to kneel on the floor to manually clean up all kinds of stubborn ground stains. It’s easy to return you a clean living space.

五一焕新正当时 京东家电狂砸十亿补贴掀起焕新狂潮

If you haven’t placed an order for the above household appliances, it’s just in time for the “may day new week” of Jingdong household appliances, and a large number of new high-quality household appliances are launched simultaneously. No matter you pay more attention to high-end quality or subdivision function, it can satisfy you. Household appliances renewal is on this may day!

五一焕新正当时 京东家电狂砸十亿补贴掀起焕新狂潮

“Billion new subsidy”, the highest discount of 20%, the “top Beijing Post” every 300 minus 30, super preferential policy, buy is to earn; One stop trade in service, 15% discount at the top, so you can save money and worry; For one-stop purchase of the whole house, 97% off for 2 categories and 95% off for 3 categories. The more you buy, the more discounts you get. What are you waiting for? Let’s make a new life together!



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