NVIDIA low power graphics card will be released soon, rtx3060 will be locked again- Pacific computer network

The war between game players and mine cards has lasted for half a year. In the face of skyrocketing prices, in-situ take-off of the graphics card market and rich mine owners, players can show more helplessness and depression. Graphics card companies are also struggling with cryptocurrency, because if we let the market decide the direction of graphics cards, it will only lead to the killing of the chicken and the egg. PC players will turn to the host platform or mobile platform, and the future revenue will be greatly reduced.

In this regard, NVIDIA will soon launch its new LHR (low hash rate) series. These cards have the same product name as the existing models, but the core is different. According to previous reports, NVIDIA rtx30 graphics cards, which will be available in mid May, all have crypto limiters.

NVIDIA today released geforce 466.27 driver, which reintroduces rtx3060 encryption mining limiter. However, it is only limited to the upcoming rtx3060 models equipped with ga106-302gpu. There is nothing we can do about the graphics cards produced before May.

At that time, after the release of the new core rtx30 Series graphics card, will the game graphics card market be able to carry out a substantial price reduction as NVIDIA wishes, and mine owners will invest in cmphx series cards with higher energy consumption ratio and more professional? But it is undeniable that at present, the computing power of the whole network is rising crazily, the difficulty of mining is increasing day by day, the income of mining is gradually declining, and the high-end graphics card market has obviously loosened. Take rtx3060 as an example, the highest price last month was 7200 yuan, but now it is only 6500 yuan. Hope that after a series of actions, the game graphics card market can return to the normal level.



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