Review the performance comparison between cml-h and AMD czn-h before the release of tgl-h45

In November last year, amd released the Verizon 5000 series desktop processor code named Vermeer, officially pushing zen3 micro architecture to the consumer market. As a newly designed micro architecture, zen3 has made comprehensive improvements in six aspects: cache prefetching, execution engine, branch predictor, micro opcache, frontend and load / store compared with zen2, and achieved significant performance improvement.

According to official data, the 8-core processors of zen3 and zen2 are tested at 4GHz. In 25 applications and game loads, the average IPC (same frequency performance) of zen3 is up to 19% higher than that of zen2, which is 15% higher than that of zen2; What’s more gratifying is that compared with zen2, zen3’s co channel performance in the game is improved more significantly, mostly more than the average of 19%.

Considering the IPC improvement in zen3 micro architecture, combined with the advantages in the number of cores, amd sharp dragon 95900x can take the lead in many productivity application scenarios when facing the core i9-10900k.

In the game test, the sharp dragon 95900x based on zen3 micro architecture also performs well, and can win or lose in the face of the core i9-10900k (3a single player draws or loses, and some online games lead by a large margin).

In short, thanks to the powerful zen3 micro architecture, AMD’s sharp dragon 5000 series desktop processors have been widely recognized by players as soon as they are put on sale. Even now, the sharp dragon 95900x and the sharp dragon 95950x are still in short supply, which makes amd truly turn over in the DIY market!

In this context, more players also hope that AMD will release zen3 micro architecture to mobile products as soon as possible, so that the lightweight and game books can also get strong performance improvement, and realize the challenge to Intel in more market segments.

At the ces2021 exhibition, amd released the sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processor code named Cezanne. In particular, eight models of cezanne-h in the game product line all adopt zen3 micro architecture. Amd official said: compared with the code named renoi-h (standard pressure Ruilong 4000 series mobile processor), with zen3 architecture, cezanne-h has achieved a comprehensive performance improvement. At the same time, compared with Intel’s 10th generation core processor, standard pressure cometlake-h also has a comprehensive leading edge.

Amd has demonstrated the performance of the second flagship model of the cezanne-h family, the sharp dragon 95900hx. In the benchmark test of cinebench R20, which is AMD’s favorite before, the sharp dragon 95900hx has achieved a comprehensive performance advantage over the core i9-10980hk, which is the flagship of the comet lake-h family; As for game performance, amd uses the 3dmark firestrike physical score as an example (it does not compare the actual game frames with Intel), which shows that the sharp dragon 95900hx is more than 20% ahead of the core i9-10980hk.

At the same time, AMD is also at the end of the official information, confidently saying that amdryzen 5000 Series Mobile the processor for 2021’s best game notebook books, to the effect that “amd sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processor is applied to the best game notebook computer of 2021”. Then it shows the game frame number of the GPU of the sharp dragon 95900hx + rtx3080 notebook computer (but it’s strange that AMD still doesn’t compare with the Intel products in the actual game frame number part here).

Considering Intel’s 11th generation core processor, the high-performance mobile version of tiger lake-h45 will be released in the second quarter. If only according to the information contained in AMD’s product data, the cezanne-h of AMD’s sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processor will be invincible in the game market in the first quarter of 2021. Just like Vermeer reaping cometlake-s in the DIY desktop market, cometlake-h will not be able to compete with cezanne-h.

But is that really the case?

After the launch of the game book based on cezanne-h sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processor, Intel’s internal laboratory also tested it. ASUS Tianxuan 2 equipped with AMD sharp dragon 75800h and Gigabyte aorus 15g equipped with core i7-10870h were used for comparison. In order to control variables, both game books were equipped with NVIDIA ampere rtx3070 notebook GPU, The game is tested under the same 95wtgp.

The test results released by Intel are beyond the expectation of many players. In terms of frame number of 11 stand-alone games, Gigabyte aorus 15g with core i7-10870h takes the lead in more than 9 games, and the game with the biggest gap is “island scare: new dawn”, Jijia aorus 15g equipped with core i7-10870h has an absolute advantage of 1.16 times that of ASUS Tianxuan equipped with AMD sharp dragon 75800h, and the gap caused by a grade of graphics card is just like this

In addition to the official test of Intel, after the game book with cezanne-h sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processor was launched, domestic and foreign media and we media also tested it.

For example, Zhihu user @ PC Xiaobai said at the end of the evaluation article on ASUS Tianxuan 2 that “the sharp dragon 75800h has excellent running points and high productivity, but in the most important game, it’s hard to figure out how to lose.”

Also using ASUS Tianxuan 2 with sharp dragon 75800h and Gigabyte aorus 15g with core i7-10870h, after connecting the external screen, sharp dragon 75800h is better than core i7-10870h in frame rate performance except CS: go.

At the same time, a foreign we media blogger uses two identical molds (xmgneo15) to strictly control variables, and makes a comprehensive game performance comparison between core i7-10875h and sharp dragon 75800h (both graphics cards are 125w-140wtgp’s rtx3070 laptop GPU). Original video link

The test results are similar to the official data of Intel and the test results of domestic media. In 1080p and 1440p resolutions, the game performance of core i7-10875h is better than that of sharp dragon 75800h in both high and low special effects settings.

Based on these data and feedback from real consumers, it can also be understood why amd did not release the measured game frame rate comparison with Intel cometlake-h when it released cezanne-h sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processor – although cezanne-h’s productivity performance is unmatched in the current game based platform with zen3 micro architecture, at least in terms of game performance, Cezanne-h still has no advantage over cometlake-h.

Considering that the 10th generation of core cometlake-h is released by Intel in April 2020, and the skylake kernel micro architecture adopted by cometlake-h is the product of 2015, while the game performance of the sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processor developed by AMD based on the latest zen3 micro architecture is not better than that of the former. As a result, many consumers are greatly surprised, No wonder the remark that “Raptor 75800h game book has overturned” is widely popular on the Internet… At least for now, zen3 micro architecture has not achieved the effect on desktop platform in mobile game book market, and cezanne-h, the standard voltage of Raptor 5000 series mobile processor, can hardly be called amdyes

The imperfect game performance, combined with the slight rise in price, can we think about a question: is the market competitiveness of the game book developed by cezanne-h, based on the standard pressure of the sharp dragon 5000 series mobile processor, really as unmatched as that advertised by AMD?

Considering the market changes in the next few months, Intel will release the 11th generation core processor high-performance mobile version codenamed as tigerlake-h45 in May. On the basis of inheriting the 10nm superfin process technology of tigerlake-h35 and the willowcove core micro architecture, Intel can provide up to 8 cores and 16 threads, and the core frequency of multiple cores can reach 5.0ghz. Combined with the high IPC of the new micro architecture and the high frequency characteristics of the 10nm superfin process technology, tigerlake-h45 will achieve comprehensive performance improvement compared with cometlake-h.

Combined with cezanne-h’s performance (productivity advantages and game disadvantages) in the face of cometlake-h, cezanne-h is more difficult to take advantage in terms of performance in the face of comprehensively improved tigerlake-h45. When tigerlake-h45 is officially released, it may be more difficult for AMD to be yes in the mobile end, especially in the game market



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