Kirin software Li Zhenning: build the core strength of China’s operating system and continuously promote the development of industrial ecology


In the past two years, the information and creative industry has begun to enter everyone’s field of vision. In 2020, under the background of the resumption of work and production and the full launch of “new infrastructure”, the credit and creative projects in various places have begun to spread in a large area, and the credit and creative industry has also appeared a phenomenal tuyere. The development of the information and creative industry has become the key to the economic digital transformation and the improvement of the industrial chain development. Starting from the introduction of technology system, strengthening the industrial foundation and strengthening the guarantee ability, we can promote the information and creative industry to take root locally and drive the transformation of the traditional it information industry.

The information and creative industry has a broad market space. Taking the operating system as an example, the traditional business operating system is dominated by giants such as windows, which also provides a great imagination for domestic software. To this end, China software net, Haibi Research Institute and China Software Industry Association jointly launched the 2021 series of reports on China Xinchuang ecology, showing the great role and broad market prospects of Xinchuang industry as an important driver of stimulating economy, injecting a strong agent into Xinchuang market, and providing reference for the upstream and downstream of Xinchuang industry.


At present, with the continuous advancement of domestic digital process, the development of information and creative industry is in full swing. As one of the core basic links of the whole IT industry, operating system is the wind vane of the development of the whole information and creative industry.

As the pioneer of domestic operating system, Kirin software has played an important role in leading and demonstrating the industry partners with its excellent product technical strength and high-quality customer service ability in this key technology battle.

“In the process of providing customers with operating system services, we strive to make users’ business run continuously, stably and reliably, regardless of whether the following systems are domestic or international.” Li Zhenning, vice president of Kirin software, clearly expressed the service concept of Kirin software at this stage in the process of talking about the development of Xinchuang industry and the company.

Deeply practice technical skills and build “national key”

All along, Kirin software has a very clear positioning in the market, that is, to build the core strength of China’s operating system, to master the key core technology of basic software in their own hands, and no longer be controlled by others. Kirin software continuously improves its ability to control and develop core technologies such as system kernel, and promotes the collaborative development of upstream and downstream industries.

Li Zhenning said that in order to improve the “internal skill” of the technology, on the one hand, Kirin software absorbed the advanced technology and product code of the open source community, and after the secondary innovation and upgrading development of the relevant technical capabilities, it reversely exported and fed back to the open source community. On the other hand, we continue to increase our independent R & D efforts in the field of basic software and key technologies, and strive to improve our technical and ecological capabilities.

In August last year, Kirin’s V10 operating system, which was rated as “the most important tool among the top ten central enterprises”, was released, which is a big killer of Kirin software in the field of domestic basic software. The system has six characteristics, such as endogenous security, integration into mobile, leading performance, rich ecology, improved experience, cloud enabling, etc. it is superior to similar products in comprehensive performance, memory bandwidth, graphics display, etc. In the two tests of spec cloud and io500, the performance is the first in the world.

Local characteristic services, covering key industries

Li Zhenning believes that in the face of direct competition from international giant enterprises, in addition to the accumulation of rich product technology, domestic software enterprises must constantly improve their “soft power” from the aspects of management mode, business operation and customer service. Kirin software is also actively learning advanced experience in management and operation, and will continue to increase capital investment in this area.

In terms of customer service, Kirin software, as a Chinese enterprise, has a better understanding of the needs of Chinese users and the characteristics of the Chinese market. Especially in some regions, places and industries, Kirin software needs to be a good localized user. Therefore, Kirin software can make full use of the inherent advantages of localization, and make customized modifications for some applications of local users, so as to provide better localization services for users.

With the support of excellent product technology and customer service, Kirin software has a wide range of users, covering government affairs, finance, electric power, transportation and other key industries.

In the field of government affairs, Kirin software, together with other partners such as Liqi intelligence and Guangzhou jinqili, has launched the solution of domestic super counter self-service terminal, realizing the integration of domestic super counter independent server terminal. At present, the domestic super counter self-service terminal has been widely used in all levels of administrative service hall, comprehensive business window, special business window of each department, community service station and so on. It has effectively improved the efficiency of the government service hall and the public satisfaction.

In the financial field, since the galaxy Kirin operating system V10 was put into use in the banking field, the product performance has always been stable, and it can provide a variety of customer after-sales services, and maintain 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted response, which has been highly praised by users. At the beginning of 2020, Kirin software launched in-depth cooperation with a joint-stock bank and realized the upgrading iteration of the bank’s core business system.

In the field of electric power, Kirin software also has key applications. By the end of 2020, Kirin software has successfully put into operation the first set of independent safety DCS for ultra supercritical thermal power units in China. The “Huadian Ruilan” DCS, which was put into operation in Wuhu Power Plant of Huadian this time, has realized localization in the system control layer, network layer and monitoring layer, with the autonomy rate of 100% and the localization rate of main cards of 100%. The design goal of “closing the back door, plugging the loopholes and preventing power interruption” has been fully achieved.

Build a professional team to face the competition of giants

Since the bitter cold, Kirin software has made great achievements, which is inseparable from its profound industry and technology accumulation. However, any outstanding achievement is inseparable from the harmony of time, place and people. Li Zhenning believes that it is precisely because the team of Kirin software has been adhering to the scientific spirit of “grasping the iron and leaving the mark, stepping on the stone” that it has created one extraordinary achievement after another.

At present, the staff size of Kirin software is close to 3000, which may be close to the total number of small-scale operating system companies in China. It is expected that the staff size will reach 4000 this year. Kirin software has a professional service team of hundreds of people. The scale of the team ensures that problems encountered by users can be quickly solved, the cause of failure can be quickly determined, and failure reports and solutions can be issued in time.

In addition, Kirin software has an ecological department with hundreds of people to solve the problem of ecological adaptation. Kirin software has a number of ecological centers throughout the country, specializing in the adaptation, migration and collaborative development of related software and hardware.

It is because of such a large scale of personnel and the construction of a professional talent team that Kirin software has sufficient strength to support the product R & D team to overcome difficulties in key technology fields and face the competition of international software giants.

Grasp the nose of the ox and welcome the new future

At present, the domestic information and innovation industry has ushered in the best opportunity for development, “we must speed up the construction of independent basic software and hardware ecology.”. Because the perfection of software and hardware ecological development is positively matched with its market share. The development of domestic operating system is inseparable from the extensive upstream and downstream ecological construction. According to Li Zhenning, in the ecosystem of Kirin operating system, there are nearly 2000 mainstream ecological enterprises at home and abroad, more than 50000 software and hardware products, and more than 10000 customers serving various industries in China.

It can be said that the development and growth of Kirin operating system has also promoted the continuous enrichment and improvement of the industry ecology, and provided a solid foundation for the high-quality development of domestic economy. Li Zhenning said that in 2021, Kirin software will continue to work with more partners with an open mind to develop an ecological environment based on domestic operating systems.

But Li Zhenning said he did not quite agree with the so-called “lane changing overtaking” reported by some media. Operating system belongs to the basic link of the whole IT industry, it itself needs a long time, a lot of human, material and financial resources. It is very difficult for developed countries to achieve “lane changing and overtaking” in only two or three years after taking 40 years of construction path. In this field, we should make up our mind to work hard and hard for a long time, and take every step in a down-to-earth way.

Facing the future, we should continue to increase investment in products and R & D, firmly grasp the “bull nose” of core technology and independent innovation, promote the tackling and upgrading of core technology in the core, cloud computing, security and other key fields, and provide more customers with richer ecological environment, safer and more stable products and services. This is the real kingcraft, and it is also an important strategy of Kirin software in the future.

In the 2021 Xinchuang report of Hebi Research Institute, Kirin software is at the forefront of the star quadrant

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