Rust is favored by a number of technology giants, Facebook announced to join the rust foundation

At present, Microsoft is exploring rust for some components of windows and azure, while Google is using rust to build new parts of Android operating system and support efforts to introduce rust into Linux kernel.

The rust foundation was founded in February this year with the support of AWS, Google, Huawei, Microsoft, Mozilla and other technology giants. Facebook also announced today that it will join the rust foundation. Facebook is the latest technology giant to join the foundation and has promised to increase its adoption of rust.

Rust is a system programming language, which focuses on security, especially concurrent security. It supports functional, imperative and generic programming paradigms. Rust was originally developed by Mozilla. Compared with C and C + +, it is faster and safer. Rust is very useful for writing components such as drivers and compilers, and has been widely praised in the industry.

It is understood that Facebook joined the rust foundation at the highest level and has a seat on the foundation’s board of directors. Joel marcey, director of Facebook’s open source ecosystem, currently serves as a director of the rust foundation. He said: “Facebook has accepted rust since 2016 and used it in all aspects of development, from source code control to compiler.”.

Joel marcey also said: “joining the rust foundation is to help contribute, improve and develop a language that has become very valuable to us and developers around the world. We look forward to working with other foundation members and the rust community to make rust a mainstream language choice for systems programming and other aspects. “.

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