UFIDA financial Digital Intelligence Summit enters Xi’an, two strategic cooperation help the development of digital Shaanxi

On April 28, the “2021 enterprise digital Financial Innovation Summit” hosted by UFIDA was held in Xi’an, with nearly 1000 people from CFO, chief accountant, financial director, CIO and other key customers in Shaanxi’s financial business. Dozens of guests from Xi’an Jiaotong University, including Tian Gaoliang, vice president of School of management, Beijing Zhonghan tax agent firm, Wang Jun, deputy director of Finance Department of China Shaanxi Nuclear Industry Group Co., Ltd., Ma Lele, director of Financial Sharing Center of Shaanxi Yulin Energy Group, and experts from UFIDA group, gathered to share the theme of “real time accounting intelligent finance”, We will look forward to the innovation and development of financial intelligence.

Blockchain drives Financial Sharing to create value in digital intelligence Era

The new generation of information technology has a significant and far-reaching impact on global economic development, social progress and people’s life. Products will be replaced by scenes, industries will be covered by ecology, and industrial Internet will become a new engine to drive economic development.

Mr. Tian Gaoliang, vice president of School of management of Xi’an Jiaotong University, believes that enterprises must grasp the development opportunities of digitization, networking and intelligence, fully absorb the new energy given by new technologies, and realize financial transformation in time. From high-speed expansion to high-quality development, from control oriented finance to empowerment oriented finance, from process driven to data-driven, from separation of industry and finance to integration of industry and finance, and from guarding value to creating value. From the perspectives of digital intelligence era, blockchain and digital development, Dean Tian introduced in detail how blockchain drives the development of Financial Sharing to create value for enterprises in the digital intelligence era, and looked forward to the development trend of financial sharing.

Signing two strategic contracts to help digital Shaanxi

Great enterprises have made great social significance in their times, created great social value and achieved great commercial success.

In the new era of digital intelligence development, UFIDA unites all resources to jointly promote digital intelligence business innovation.

Strategic signing 1: UFIDA and Xi’an Jiaotong University signed a strategic cooperation agreement, industry and education marriage, strong joint, play their respective strengths, jointly fulfill their social responsibilities, and jointly promote business and social progress!

Strategic signing II: 11 major groups sign collective contracts with UFIDA

“Friends of users, professional struggle and continuous innovation” is the code of conduct and mental model that every user firmly believes and adheres to. They listen to customers, put themselves in the customer’s shoes, in order to win the trust of customers and long-term cooperation, with professional strength to achieve customers, to bring customers beyond the expected value. More than 60% of China’s top 500 enterprises use UFIDA products. Customer trust is the value of a great enterprise.

UFIDA has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 10 large enterprises including rainbow group, Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Zhengyuan environmental protection Co., Ltd., Tiandiyuan Co., Ltd., Xi’an international land port investment group, Xi’an transportation investment group, Xi’an Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Yaobai special cement group, Yidian Tianxia group and China Shaanxi nuclear industry group, as well as one strategic partner Beijing Tianwei Chengxin. We will work together to promote the digital transformation of enterprises.

Yonbip financial cloud helps enterprises transform into financial intelligence

The financial management in the new era is based on the new business model, which requires that under the new management model, finance should be integrated with business, and finance should be extended to the transaction link. Based on this, further deepen the dependence and synergy of the ecosystem. Financial accounting will be more refined, real-time, integrated and intelligent.

Yonbip financial cloud adopts the latest technology of big smart things moving cloud, based on the event method accounting theory, takes business events as the basis, real-time accounting, intelligent finance, accurate tax, and agile finance as the core concepts, and constructs the financial accounting, management accounting, tax services, fee control services, financial services, enterprise performance, file services, data services, financial services, financial services, financial services A new generation of shared services financial system. Build a global leading enterprise digital intelligent financial cloud service platform with real-time, fine, intelligent, multi-dimensional, visual and ecological capabilities, enhance the new capabilities of globalization, intelligence and socialization, and assist the digital transformation of enterprises.

Wang Jun, partner of Beijing Zhonghan certified tax agents group and prodigal son of China finance and taxation, introduced the general steps of enterprise tax interest planning: sorting out the enterprise structure; Sorting out the main functions undertaken by enterprises within the group or upstream and downstream enterprises; Analysis of the main types of taxes and tax preferences; According to the enterprise architecture and business model, customized planning scheme; The formulation of the final implementation plan. The planning of enterprise’s tax benefits should be considered from four aspects: fully enjoying tax preference, reasonably designing enterprise structure, balancing tax profits by “transfer pricing” and paying attention to tax planning of merger and reorganization.

UFIDA, through the integrated solution of industry, ticket, finance, finance, tax and archives, helps enterprises in the era of electronic technology prevalence and digital transformation, closely follow the national policy, quickly realize the digital transformation of Finance and tax, effectively avoid tax risks, improve their tax management ability, and quickly get rid of and enhance the transformation ability in the process of national tax digital upgrading.

The practice of financial data intellectualization transformation in large group enterprises

Most of Chinese enterprises’ financial management functions are still relatively traditional. They only respond passively to internal demand and focus on payment and settlement at the operational level, failing to play their own value. Enterprises’ digital transformation and business model innovation need to support the construction of Strategic Finance, business finance and shared finance system in terms of financial management means, methods and tools, and coordinate the management of Finance and financial resources.

Mr. Mei Gui’an, deputy director of finance department and director of capital settlement center of China Shaanxi Nuclear Industry Group Corporation, shared the best practice of capital management of China Shaanxi Nuclear Industry Group Corporation. In order to meet the regulatory requirements of SASAC and solve the group’s business and problems such as insufficient dynamic supervision of capital flow and flow, weak capital budget, low settlement efficiency, scattered accounts and multiple accounts opening, the fund management goal of “unified planning, unified platform, unified financing, budget control and internal adjustment” has been achieved through UFIDA fund management platform.

Yuneng group puts forward that the group’s financial functions are “managing assets, leading teams, building platforms and establishing systems”, and adopts the means of “appointing the general assembly, sharing finance and centralizing funds”. The goal is “financial management transformation” to the strategic positioning of Financial Sharing Service – “five centers”. With the idea of “fast, accurate and stable, that is, rapid promotion, accurate implementation and steady implementation”, the company comprehensively promotes the operation and continuous optimization of the sharing service center, and finally brings significant benefits to the enterprise.

In the era of digital intelligence, yonbip financial cloud, a large-scale business innovation platform of UFIDA, in line with the service concept of comprehensiveness, integration, service, scene, digital intelligence, platform, localization, socialization and globalization, builds a digital intelligence intelligent financial platform, helps enterprises realize real-time accounting and intelligent finance, and serves enterprises’ financial digital intelligence transformation and business model innovation, Make tens of millions of smart enterprises, make software and cloud services available on demand, make smart value everywhere, and make business innovation efficient and convenient.

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