Ten thousand yuan rtx3070 game book can be bought under the recommendation of May Day

Ten thousand yuan game, must choose rtx3070 model! Taking advantage of this May Day holiday, I especially recommend four high-performance rtx3070 game books for game lovers, including ASUS Tianxuan air, Acer shadow knight dragon, HP shadow wizard 6 Pro and mechanic f117-x. They are spot sales, now you can buy an order, so you do not wait for wonderful games!

ASUS Tianxuan air

万元级RTX3070游戏本五一推荐 下单就能买

ASUS Tianxuan air is a high-performance notebook that combines games and creative design. It is equipped with a 15.6-inch omnipotent screen, with 2K resolution, providing a fine and meticulous picture, presenting every detail of the design work completely. The film industry’s 100% dci-p3 wide gamut standard makes the colors presented on the screen closer to the gamut accepted by the human eye. Designers can deploy richer and more authentic colors and carefully polish their works. In addition, this screen also has 165hz refresh rate, 3MS response time, and supports adaptive sync anti tearing technology, which means that Tianxuan air’s dynamic picture performance is very excellent. It can not only be used to create videos and animations, but also play stimulating games in leisure time, and relieve work pressure without any problem.

In terms of performance, ASUS Tianxuan air is equipped with 11 generations of Intel Core i7 processor deeply optimized for creative software, four cores and eight threads, NVIDIA geforce RTX 3070 independent graphics card with new generation ampere architecture, upgraded RT core, tensor core, and SM multi unit stream processor, which can bring more realistic ray tracing effect and advanced AI acceleration, It is easy to deal with the large professional applications such as premiere, after effect, Maya and 3 DSMAX required by the design.

Tianxuan air, which is equipped with lightning 4 interface and HDMI interface, supports dual 4K output and 8K output. Users can connect with external ultra clear display to get a more shocking visual experience. What’s more, Tianxuan air is about 2.1kg light and 19.9mm thin. At the same time, it is equipped with 76wh large battery, which supports up to 16.6 hours of battery life and 100W PD fast charging. It can be used for mobile office when going out, and expanded screen display indoors, which perfectly meets the dual needs of designers for large screen display and portable travel.

Acer shadow knight dragon

万元级RTX3070游戏本五一推荐 下单就能买

Acer shadow knight dragon is equipped with a new generation of AMD flagship processor, the sharp dragon r9-5900hx. With 8 cores and 16 threads, it can easily face all kinds of 3A blockbusters. It is a powerful core worth waiting for. At the same time, shadow knight dragon is equipped with the most popular graphics card, rtx3070. Its performance has improved by leaps and bounds. In the face of many 3A masterpieces such as “cyberpunk 2077”, “call of duty 17”, it is smooth and smooth, and has a great experience.

Players all know that the importance of a good screen for the game is self-evident. Shadow knight dragon is equipped with a 15.6-inch narrow frame professional electronic competition screen with 144hz high refresh rate, 72% NTSC high gamut, 300nit high brightness and 3MS fast response. In playing the game smooth without drag shadow, the door to snipe, five kill super God can easily solve.

With the super configuration, the performance of the best configuration will be greatly reduced if there is no cooling bonus, which will not happen to shadow knight dragon. As a “fan factory”, heat dissipation technology has always been Acer’s “unique skill”. Shadow knight dragon adopts symmetrical double fan design, with four-dimensional three-dimensional cooling outlet duct, and stepped cooling structure to provide wider space for heat emission. With the help of this cooling system, shadow knight dragon can increase its full load power by up to 45W, breaking through the performance limit and bringing cool game experience.

HP shadow wizard 6 Pro

万元级RTX3070游戏本五一推荐 下单就能买

HP shadow wizard 6 Pro is equipped with powerful geforce RTX 3070 graphics card, which can bring players realistic ray tracing effect and more advanced AI plus DLSS 2.0 rendering. Equipped with 144hz high refresh rate video game screen and supporting 72% NTSC high gamut, it can not only present the top level of game image quality, but also bring smooth and smooth game operation without drag shadow. With a 15.6-inch display and three narrow sides (4.97mm left and right border, 8.6MM top border), you can get a more immersive game experience. What you want to play is a refreshing game!

However, higher performance can not only bring better game experience, but also greatly increase the corresponding power consumption. In particular, HP has its own “omen gaming hub” game control center, which has built-in balance and fury modes in the performance control function. When we need to play large-scale games or render video, we need to turn on fury mode, Can more fully squeeze the performance of the hardware, at this time the requirements of heat dissipation is more stringent.

At the same time, HP shadow wizard 6 Pro game book is equipped with cool storm heat dissipation technology, which is equipped with 8mm main heat pipe and matched with commercial bearing through 12V three-phase motor fan. At the same time, the larger fan leaf and double fan four heat pipes increase the air volume by 62%.

Mechanic f117-x

万元级RTX3070游戏本五一推荐 下单就能买

Machinist f117-x is equipped with a brand new i7-10870h processor. Based on the 8-core 16 thread design of 10nm advanced process, it has stable and powerful computing power, and can handle the high load multithreading work of professional software such as 3D graphics, rendering, image processing, video coding, etc. In addition, the mechanic f117-x is equipped with ddr4-3200mhz memory, combined with the storage combination of 512g PCI SSD, and Heiner creative resources, which can quickly start the application software to enter the working state, and improve the creative efficiency of high-level creators in an all-round way.

Machinist f117-x can be equipped with NVIDIA geforce RTX 3070 graphics card. In addition to achieving more realistic real-time ray tracing effect, the third generation tensor core brings advanced AI function. Combined with NVIDIA’s unique DLSS 2.0 and reflex low delay technology, it ensures reliable high frame rate picture and restores real and delicate light and shadow effect.

The mechanic f117-x also features a three sided narrow frame design with a high refresh rate of 240Hz. The screen has 100% sRGB color gamut coverage to ensure the accuracy of screen color, so that game players can see what they get and output works colorlessly. This game also has 360 ° In addition, the cooling system also provides three operation modes of office, game and turbo, so that users can freely choose the required performance mode according to different use scenarios.



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