Glory Hunter v700 promotion: rtx2060 only costs 7469 yuan

Glory Hunter v700 game was launched during the May Day special activities, of which rtx2060 model sold only 7469 yuan, quite value, I push!


The v700 of glory Hunter game is equipped with core i7-10750h processor and rtx2060 graphics card. The overall configuration is very strong. In the face of many popular online games on the market, such as survival by eating Jedi and fortress night, it can run smoothly with high image quality. Hunter game book also specially designed exclusive Hunter key for players, which can switch the performance mode of game book at any time with their own needs (quiet mode, low noise and energy saving, balanced mode, power saving, crazy war mode, full blood game, no pressure).

An excellent game of this hardware configuration is important, but without good cooling support, in the case of internal temperature is too high, there will be stuck down or even crash, especially in the summer when the room temperature is high. The glory Hunter game has made great efforts in heat dissipation this time. It adopts the lifting cooling wind Valley design. When the upper cover of the game book is opened, it will automatically lift the wind valley area at the bottom, so as to improve the air intake and achieve a good heat dissipation effect. Combined with the innovative Heiyao radiator of the glory hunter and the double 12V hurricane booster fan, Glory hunter’s thermal performance in the same level of the game can be regarded as a new benchmark.

Glory Hunter game not only has the advantage of hardware, but also has the function of multi screen cooperation in software ecology. You can easily connect with the Hunter game book by shaking and touching the mobile phone, so that you can transfer files to each other, edit files across devices, or connect audio and video calls. Whether it’s the student party or the work party, the multi screen collaboration function of the Hunter game book will greatly enhance your productivity. The multi screen collaboration function is especially designed for game players to send back one touch, Just one touch can send back the wonderful game videos before and after 30s, and there is also a mobile game live mode with ultra-low delay. I believe that the glory Hunter game must be a very good choice for mobile game live players.



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