Taketo releases new UV printer

Mutoh recently released two new UV LED printers, valuejet 1638ur Mark II and valuejet 1638uh Mark II.

The two printers are equipped with piezoelectric print heads and two UV LED lights. Among them, the valuejet 1638ur Mark II is a volume to volume printer for clavicle diagram, while the valuejet 1638uh Mark II is a hybrid printer. The coil and rigid base can be treated. And two kinds of software are configured with vertelith RIP software.

The vj-1638ur2 is equipped with an automatic roll up system of up to 100 kg, which can print on the roll base material in 64 cm, while the vj-1638uh2 can print on the rigid plate with a maximum thickness of 15 mm supported in mixed mode.

The two printers of this series can achieve high-quality printing with printing resolution up to 1440 x 1440 DPI, which is an ideal choice for packaging, posters, decorative graphics, pop, customized products, art prints and other printing products requiring high-quality graphics.

Mutoh also provides uh21 rigid ink and US11 flexible ink, both of which are of low odor type and do not need additional air purification, so they are suitable for use in any environment.

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