Jingdong and Sony exclusively customize x91j Game TV, and jointly develop a new blue ocean in the game field

Recently, Jingdong’s exclusive customized Sony 4K intelligent game TV x91j has opened its pre-sale in Sony’s Jingdong flagship store. As a new product exclusively customized by Jingdong and Sony, this product is equipped with Sony XR cognitive chip, which is the latest flagship chip after x1. It further refreshes the new level of consumers’ audio-visual experience. For users who have high requirements in audio-visual experience and game experience, this exclusive customized Sony x91j has incomparable attraction.

After successfully creating two new product categories of game notebook and game mobile phone, JD has once again seen the new needs of game lovers in the field of TV, and has worked with the industry’s top partners to create a new category of Game TV. Based on its massive big data advantages and consumer feedback, JD home appliances has provided dual assistance to Sony in production and consumption, while Sony adheres to the ingenuity of “providing better audio-visual experience for consumers”, and the two sides sincerely cooperate to jointly develop this revolutionary peripheral equipment in the game scene.

京东联合索尼独家定制X91J游戏电视 携手开拓游戏领域新蓝海

X91j is equipped with the “game mode” specially developed by Sony for gamers, which can not only reduce the input delay, but also start the corresponding optimization technology according to different games, faithfully return the original author’s intention, and create the original game picture. Equipped with hdmi2.1 interface, support 4K 120Hz signal input / display, perfectly adapt to the needs of next generation games. Combined with VRR variable refresh rate, it can eliminate the sense of tearing and fault, so that players can get clear and smooth visual enjoyment in sports, shooting and racing games, and this function will be opened through the subsequent firmware upgrade. In Sony’s internal test environment, when the TV image mode of a90j / x90j / x91j series is “game mode”, under the condition of inputting 4k120hz game signal through HDMI, allm automatic low delay mode can greatly reduce the signal transmission delay between the host computer and the TV, achieve a minimum input delay of 8.5ms, make the player’s operation and control get instant and fast feedback, and make the game experience deeper Immersion, operation feel more comfortable, to meet the senior players for the game equipment “harsh” requirements.

Jingdong appliance has a keen insight that the attributes, crowd, demand and scene of TV have changed, and Game TV has become a hot spot. It is in this era that Jingdong customized Sony x91j Game TV came into being. With its whole chain and high-value consumption big data, Jingdong household appliances has the core technology and touch ability from user insight, to product selection, pricing, procurement, performance, prediction and other links of the supply chain to help manufacturers promote product upgrading and create new profit growth points for partners.

At the same time, on the consumer side, the brand concept of Jingdong household appliances is constantly bringing forth new ideas, advocating a new quality of life for household appliances, and constantly building new consumption scenarios. Starting from the value needs of users, Jingdong household appliances provides customized products and services, which not only brings consumers more diversified products and services, but also better consumption experience, and realizes the goal of consumer value It is a win-win situation for consumers and manufacturers.



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