Dressing up 500 billion, tmall home decoration trillion, slogan or authenticity

On April 29, Cui Jian, founder and CEO of Beijing dresser, announced that he would achieve the transaction target of 500 billion yuan in 2024 three years later; Two days ago, at the communication conference of tmall home decoration merchants in Hangzhou, en Zhong, general manager of tmall home decoration business department, called out that he would hit the target of 1 trillion yuan transaction in three years. Tmall started from the e-commerce platform, started as a designer and started as a software designer, and two “laymen” developed their home decoration. They both put forward seemingly exaggerated goals. Are they shouting slogans, or are they really capable of cutting the market cake?

Cui Jian released a plan to impact 500 billion yuan turnover in three years: “the dresser will be composed of four main platforms: design platform, construction platform, material platform and home platform. In the next three years, it will launch six development plans: cloud designer plan, novice artist plan, material cloud shopping guide plan, store partner plan, design one hundred city plan and master partner plan.”

In an exclusive interview with a reporter from Beijing business daily, Cui Jian said that the performance target of dresser is to reach 500 billion yuan in three years, accounting for about 10% of the decoration market; It will reach 1 trillion yuan in five years, accounting for about 20% of the decoration market; The ultimate goal is to occupy 30% of the decoration market.

On the day of the new strategy, dresser and Gome officially launched app“ Gome and dressers will work together to build a transparent, intelligent, open and shared Internet Intelligent decoration ecological platform. ” According to Du Juan, CEO of Gome holding group, the home decoration strategy of Gome group and home decoration technology will be fully opened.

As a core member of Gome holding group, dresser will establish a resource sharing mechanism with Gome, and not only rely on Gome, it has been officially upgraded from the original home decoration industry infrastructure and service provider to an independent BIM intelligent decoration platform.

Previously, Enzhong also stressed at the tmall home decoration business communication conference that “this year tmall home decoration will continue to move towards the goal of 1 trillion yuan in three years. On the one hand, it will help businesses increase their business volume through localization, content-based, service upgrading and supply upgrading, and on the other hand, it will reduce business costs through policy incentives and preferential rates.”. The goal is to increase the digitalization rate of the home decoration industry from 10% to 20% by the end of 2022, and the transaction scale will reach 1 trillion yuan.

It is understood that Ali launched the home furnishing platform “lie Ping app” on September 27, 2019, and then upgraded the “lie Ping” designer to “lie Ping” designer by acquiring the equity of the “lie Ping” designer. As of April 2021, tmall home decoration businesses have built 160000 sets of 3D model rooms, and 200000 businesses have opened tmall light stores, with an average daily order of 15000. Enzhong said, “in the future, we hope to use the small program of tmall home decoration city as the carrier to build the main operation position of home decoration industry, meet the needs of consumers to find design schemes, decoration services and find good goods, and become the first stop for young users to decorate.”.

According to relevant data, the scale of China’s home decoration market is 6 trillion yuan at present. In terms of the transaction target of dressing house and Ali, the share of the two will be 1 / 4 in three years.

Wang Jianguo, an expert on China’s Home Furnishing / design internet strategy, believes that BIM + intelligence is an important “outlet” field in the current home furnishing industry. However, the Gmv target of 500 billion yuan and 1 trillion yuan is 1 / 4 of the 6 trillion yuan of the whole Pan home furnishing industry. “We can see how big this bull is blowing.”.

Zhou Zhengguo, an independent analyst, also thinks that 500 billion yuan in three years is not very realistic. “The business model of the dresser is to open online stores for businesses to sell products. Similar to Taobao in the home decoration industry, besides selling products, it also plans to sell services, that is, Didi’s online car Hailing service. But didi taxi is a high-frequency and small transaction, and home decoration is a low-frequency and large amount of long-term service, so it is not easy to expand the scale. “.

“The concept of transparent decoration platform is good, but a lot of content in this concept has been realized in Taobao, and Taobao has more traffic and information.” Financial analyst Shi Ying calculated an account. Assuming that the unit price of home decoration customers is 200000-300000 yuan, 300 million people need to place orders for 500 billion Gmv a year, and the 3 million suites are also effective customers, “how difficult is it for a new platform to share tmall’s share in three years? Compared with the various pet platforms that used to be on the air outlet, it is difficult to cash in now, and the customers gathered on the pet platform, A large part of it eventually went to tmall.

Zhang Jun, chairman of Yezhifeng, thinks that “the chain of home decoration is very long and complex, which is different from Ctrip’s ticketing and Didi’s taxi. It’s not a standardized process, it’s not a piecemeal simple service. I’m afraid it’s a little simple to dream of dominating the world and changing the life of decoration companies.”.

Beijing business daily (reporter Zhao Wenxie)

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