Yanjing Beer launches customized products for Winter Olympics

With the upgrading of consumption and the change of consumption concept, many wine enterprises are also exploring more ways to cooperate with sports events. On April 29, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned that Yanjing Beer’s Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Marketing Strategy Conference was held at the National Conference Center. At the meeting, Yanjing Beer released the marketing slogan of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and launched customized products for Winter Olympics.

According to the first quarter report of Yanjing Beer in 2021, the operating revenue of Yanjing Beer in the first quarter of 2021 was 2.776 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 38.49%, and the net profit increased by 55.85%. Beer sales reached 824300 kiloliters, up 36.61% year on year.

Yanjing Beer pointed out in the report that in the first quarter of 2021, the sales volume of Yanjing U8 single product increased by 560% year on year. Through a series of marketing activities, Yanjing beer increased its publicity efforts, accelerated the upgrading of its brand “rejuvenation” by joining hands with front-line artists, and continued to enhance its brand influence through a series of measures such as naming the FA Cup and sponsoring the Winter Olympics.

In fact, since 2020, Yanjing Beer has launched Yanjing U8, a star single product in the market, which has fully covered and spread in the national key markets. According to the annual report of Yanjing Beer in 2020, Yanjing beer will achieve 3.5346 million kiloliters of beer sales in 2020. The sales revenue of medium and high-end products was 6.028 billion yuan, accounting for 59.81% of the total sales revenue, and that of ordinary products was 4.05 billion yuan, accounting for 40.19% of the total sales revenue.

Yanjing Beer told Beijing Business Daily that its products are the core media for the communication between brands and consumers and the establishment of brand image. In fact, since Yanjing became the official sponsor of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games in 2018, it has carried out the image integration of all kinds of products through the “official sponsor identity of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games”.

In the future, Yanjing beer will continue to develop and grow in appropriate ways, including technological transformation and expansion, acquisition and merger. At the same time, Yanjing beer will combine the opportunity of Beijing Winter Olympics to improve the influence of Yanjing brand.

Beijing Business News (reporter Zhao Fengrui)

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