The picture is silky smooth. Evaluation of 360 Hz electronic competition display of micro star oculux nxg253r

Game, known as “the ninth art”, has the characteristics of literature, music, dance, painting, sculpture, drama, architecture and film. On the basis of it, it extends a higher level of interactive experience. Now the game screen can be said to be more and more beautiful, high resolution, light chasing effects, high-performance anti aliasing, are showing the players one after another “different dimensional world”, bringing the players a feeling of immersion.

No matter how wonderful the game picture is, it needs the display to output, and the advantages and disadvantages of the display can directly affect the visual experience of the players, especially in some FPS shooting games, racing games and other game scenes where the picture needs to be switched by a large margin and speed, the display with ordinary performance will often appear picture tearing, picture jamming, picture delay and so on. The product to be evaluated in today’s evaluation room is born to solve these three pain points. It is oculuxnxg253r electronic competitive display from MSI. What kind of performance can it bring with 360hz refresh rate? Follow the article to understand together!

Appearance: a quiet scholar; Another armored warrior

Since it’s a full featured electronic competitive display, we can see from the box that the front of nxg253r package adopts a very rich color matching, and the inclined drawing process is used for half of the picture of the box body, which reflects with the body of the display.

The front also displays a lot of product information, such as g-sync, which supports NVIDIA; Rapidips screen; 360hz refresh rate; 1msgtg with RGB back light effect and 24.5 inch size.

There is little difference between the back and the front. You can see the appearance of the display directly from the box.

The sticker on the side of the box shows more detailed hardware parameters, such as 10 bit color depth; 1000:1 contrast; 400 nits maximum brightness as well as weight and size information.

Open the package, the accessories inside are very complete, micro star has always been more intimate in this area. Including HDMI, DP video cable; A usb-b to a data line, can realize the mouse keyboard and other peripherals directly connected to the monitor.

The installation process is relatively simple. There is a power pull ring at the bottom, which can be tightened; The upper bracket and the display body need to be screwed tightly, and there are patches to cover them. The firmness of the screw connection is much more durable than that of the snap type.

After the installation, let’s take a look at the appearance design of the monitor. The front design of nxg253r is very simple. Except for the bottom, the remaining three sides use narrow borders. This is quite brilliant in the electronic competition display, which shows the mature manufacturing level of MSI. The screen is covered with anti glare glass material, which can better see the content under the direct light source. On the whole, the appearance is the same as the normal household display on the market. It is simple and atmospheric, and can easily adapt to various scenes.

The back is the highlight of the display. A large area of oblique cutting and wire drawing technology is covered with a bright “micro Star Dragon” pattern, which makes the display instantly incarnate a warrior in solid armor, with full visual impact. On the right side of the back is the logo of NVIDIA g-sync360 and micro star, as well as an rgbled armor light strip, with soft and delicate lighting effect.

In terms of interface, nxg253r is equipped with three usb3.2gen1typea on the left side of the fuselage. The first interface supports NVIDIA Flex technology, which can greatly reduce the delay of game operation. The bottom of the fuselage has two hdmi2.0b interfaces, which can support 1080p at most; 240Hz picture output. A dp1.4 interface can run up to 1080p; 360Hz。 A headset interface, a power interface and a usb3.2gen1typeb interface for uplink.

The information plate of the product is also pasted on the back of the fuselage. Through the information, we can know that the nxg253r in our hand is made in China, and the production date is January 2021.

As a high-end electronic competitive display, multi angle adjustment is also necessary. Nxg253r can support up to plus or minus 45 degrees of rotation through the disc structure at the bottom.

In the vertical direction, it also supports rotation up to plus or minus 90 degrees and height adjustment between 0-130mm.

In the pitch angle, it can reach the adjustment range of minus 5 degrees to plus 20 degrees, with 178 degrees ° The visual angle of this screen can bring excellent impression in various angles.

At the same time, there are cool cooling holes around the body of nxg253r, which provide the best working environment for this professional panel, driver and other core components.

OSD settings: “small red dot” operation, rich in content

NXG253R’s OSD setup interface is placed in the lower right corner, which is very humane and can avoid adjusting the settings to block the main interface during the game.

The key to adjust the OSD is set on the back, which adopts the “small red dot” design, and can be adjusted and pressed in four directions.

OSD setting interface has no obvious difference from other microsatellite displays, and the operation logic is also very simple. It can directly push up, down, left and right directions to quickly call out alarm clock, input interface, screen auxiliary collimation and other functions.

Screen auxiliary sight can help players enhance the accuracy of shooting when using some guns without system machine aiming. The most obvious thing is that they can use “blind sniper” to be a sniper without opening the camera.

The black enhancement mode is also one of the necessities for FPS game players. After it is turned on, it is easier to find the enemy hiding in the dark corner, and the dark details of the screen will be enhanced automatically.

It can also display the current real-time frame rate and real-time delay through the display OSD, which is also crucial for FPS players. Thanks to NVIDIA reflex technology and 1msgtg response, the firing delay of “watch pioneer” can be as low as 20ms, which can seize the opportunity for you.

Display performance: smooth! Smooth! Still smooth!

For 360hz, I believe it goes without saying that most people should be able to feel the significance of this number. Because nearly a year of mobile phone refresh rate publicity, enough to let many people understand the refresh rate for the improvement of the actual impression. Especially when the 60Hz mobile phone is upgraded to 120Hz, the exquisite fluency is impressive. Then the smoothness brought by 360hz can be expressed by exclamation.

When the refresh rate is adjusted to 360hz in the system settings, every mouse slide becomes very delicate, and browsing the web page is even more enjoyable. The feeling that it is so fast and floating is really fascinating.

In the actual test, the browser can run full 360hz without pressure.

But if you want to really experience the joy of 360hz in the game, you need the technical support of NVIDIA g-sync. In short, the traditional vertical synchronization technology is to let the graphics card wait for the display, reduce the working efficiency of the graphics card to match the frame rate of the display. And g-sync technology is to let the display wait for the graphics card, so that the frame rate of the display and the frame rate of the output of the graphics card match in real time, which is similar to the current flagship mobile phone popular variable refresh rate technology.

With the addition of this technology, the picture can be eliminated from tearing and jamming from the output level. After the actual test, in CS: go, the output frame rate will be fixed at 360fps, and the picture is very delicate and smooth, which is much more convenient and smooth than the traditional 144hz electronic competition screen. It is especially obvious in the process of fast switching angle of view and fast opening.

When playing some games with pictures less than 360fps, g-sync technology will balance the refresh rate and frame rate of the display, and get rid of the sense of violation caused by picture tearing.

A good display not only has excellent performance, but also plays an important role in the performance of picture color. We also tested the color of nxg253r. The following results are from the display sRGB preset.

In terms of gamut, nxg253r can achieve 96% sRGB; 71% Adobe RGB and 71% P3 gamut. In the high refresh rate of the electronic competition display, it has been very bright.

In terms of color balance and brightness balance, when the brightness of the display is 50%, the color balance performance is good, and the maximum difference is 2.4, which is excellent. And there is about 15% difference in brightness, which is not eye-catching, but also in the normal range.

In terms of color accuracy, except the color with ID 1F has the maximum color deviation of 5.97, the other colors are excellent, with an average value of only 1.06. In addition to being used for E-sports entertainment, it can also do some light video editing and map revision work.

Conclusion: MSI oculuxnxg253r is a high-end and professional electronic competitive display of MSI, and its ultra-high 360hz refresh rate and g-sync are its biggest highlights. For high-end players, smooth screen and delicate screen changes are the basis of winning the game. If you are a professional gamer, then the micro star oculuxnxg253r is absolutely the cornerstone of your victory. If you are an ordinary user and have a persistent pursuit of high refresh rate, then the micro star oculuxnxg253r is also a good choice. Its excellent picture performance and color expression performance can give you both productivity and entertainment. I believe that after you have experienced the silky new “Horizon” brought by 360hz, you will really be inseparable from it!

At the same time, compared with other brands of the same level of electronic competitive display, the price of the micro star oculuxnxg253r is superior; It’s cost-effective and allows you to have a better experience with less money. With years of manufacturing experience and after-sales service, the product quality is guaranteed. If you want to choose a professional electronic competitive display, then the micro star oculuxnxg253r will be your priority.

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