APS-C’s “A1” Sony a6900 may carry 30 megapixel stack CMOS

Sony may release a new APS-C frame machine within this month and position it as a flagship. It will be launched as a follow-up model of A6600. The name is uncertain. According to Sony’s naming rules, it may be called a6900 or a7000. Recently, Tony Northrup, a foreign user who is good at new machine prediction, shared his views and predictions on Sony’s upcoming APS-C flagship machine. He said that this new machine is likely to be an “A1” of APS-C, and its overall performance is very strong.

·The new machine will use 30 million pixel level sensor (without low-pass filter);

·The continuous shooting speed can reach 20-30 pictures per second;

·Lower delay;

·Lighter jelly effect;

·Anti flicker;

·Support animal eye focusing;

·Support 4K video recording of 60 frames per second;

·The card slot supports cfe-a;

·The price is about 2000 US dollars, about 13000 yuan;

·The new camera will be more suitable for wildlife and sports shooting.

In addition, it has been rumored that the new machine may have an 8K version, which will be equipped with Sony’s latest 43 megapixel imx671qr sensor, support 8K 12bit video recording, have stacked DRAM and still image shooting up to 16bit depth.

Author: Shen Pei



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