Bubble Mart new blind box price increase

Beijing business daily (reporter Qian Yu, Zhang Junhua) on April 26, a reporter from Beijing business daily interviewed a number of bubble Mart stores and learned that the price of a number of new blind boxes launched by bubble Mart in April rose to 69 yuan. Wangjing and Wangfujing bubble Mart store sales staff said that the recent launch of new panda boom did increase prices, the previous generation was 59 yuan, the second generation of new products released in April was 69 yuan. At the same time, the sales staff of POSCO central store said that the prices of the new products, Zen monk and vivicat, which were put on sale in April, also increased to 69 yuan. In addition, the customer service staff of bubble Mart said that most of the new products sold before were 59 yuan, and the price of this new product has been changed due to different materials, technology, design, positioning, etc.

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