May day travel at ease“ “Tool man” t7s series help you solve the problem of floor cleaning

The May Day holiday is coming. It’s the peak season of travel at the turn of spring and summer. My friends can’t restrain their freedom. According to the research and judgment, this year’s May Day holiday, the national passenger flow will reach 250 million people. It’s almost certain that the major scenic spots will be a sea of people. Of course, there are also people who choose to stay at home and enjoy a rare holiday, but no matter what kind of holiday, there is a problem, that is, sanitation. Just imagine, after a long journey, I have to face the heavy housework when I get home, which makes me collapse every minute.

To solve this problem, a sweeping robot can do it. On March 29 this year, stone technology, a domestic sweeping robot enterprise, officially launched a new t7s series of sweeping robots. From the naming, it can be seen that the t7s series has carried out a major functional upgrade on the basis of the classic T7 series sweeping robots, and the sweeping performance has been comprehensively improved.


The t7s series of stone sweeping robot has no special big change in appearance. It follows the family smooth design, simple and generous. The color matching of marble and white is perfectly integrated into various home styles. However, in terms of function, “vibrarise” is the world’s first intelligent control lifting acoustic vibration floor wiping module, which can improve the effect of floor wiping through high-frequency acoustic vibration.

The high performance brushless motor equipped on t7s series can drive the tractor up to 3000 times / min of high frequency vibration, so as to easily disintegrate the ground stains. At the same time, in order to reduce the noise, the t7s series mop bracket of the stone sweeper robot is divided into vibration area (vibration stain) and non vibration area (take away stain). The two areas cooperate tacitly to control the noise and greatly improve the vibration frequency.

In addition, t7s series of stone sweeper robot has added intelligent control lifting and wiping system, which is the first in the industry to realize the structural design of lifting and wiping module combined with vibration and wiping, and can switch the full-automatic lifting mode in a variety of working states. When the robot recharges, it can automatically lift the floor wiping module to avoid the secondary pollution of the cleaned ground; When standing charging, the robot will also lift the mop for better ventilation, which perfectly solves the problem of odor caused by wet mop clinging to the ground.


In addition, the t7s series of stone sweeper robot has added the function of automatic dust collection. Does that sound cool? It reduces the frequency of taking out garbage to once a month, which is a real benefit for lazy people. Equipped with an automatic dust collecting charging stand, the sweeper robot will automatically collect dust every time the vacuum cleaner works and enters the base. The 1.8L large capacity design can meet the dust collecting needs of families for one month. The dust bag will be automatically sealed after use. It does not need to clean the dust box frequently, and also reduces the possibility of dust contact to the greatest extent.

Moreover, the stone automatic dust collector also supports cyclone bucket and disposable dust bag to meet the diversified needs.


Many people may ask that these functions are convenient, but how clean can they be? As we all know, suction is the key index to measure the cleaning ability of the sweeping robot. The t7s series of stone sweeping robot is equipped with 2500pa surging suction, and the fan speed is up to 20000 rpm. It can easily deal with the common household garbage such as cereal, sugar, millet, steel ball, hair, dander, food residue, etc. Even the hair on the carpet is cleaned.

In terms of algorithm, the t7s series of stone sweeping and dragging robots have been upgraded to the latest RR Mason tm8.0 algorithm. From the core indicators of planning, mapping, and getting rid of difficulties, to the hardware functions of lifting, vibration, etc., they have become more intelligent. They can also find the right access in complex terrain, and basically the whole house can be cleaned in place without leaving dead space.


In a word, as the first product launched by stone technology in 2021, the t7s series of stone sweeper robot has remarkable performance in all aspects, simple appearance design, cutting-edge technology, and strong performance. With it, you can enjoy the happy holiday without family troubles on May Day!



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