What’s the cross boundary winning rate of notebook entering IOT ecological manufacturers

In recent years, cross-border is not a new word, and cross-border cooperation among technology manufacturers has become commonplace. In particular, the gradual improvement of IOT ecology has brought great challenges and strategic development opportunities to major brands. When we get used to more and more home appliances entering the IOT field, the deployment of notebook products by major manufacturers is also in an orderly way. Last month, what attracted the most attention in the notebook industry was that oppo, a big mobile phone manufacturer, will enter the notebook computer market and improve the smart home interconnection at the technical level. What are the future prospects for the established mobile phone manufacturers to set foot in the field of laptop and improve the IOT ecology? What’s the winning rate? Let’s have a chat today.

Technology manufacturers switch to the field of pen and TV, technology upgrading accelerates market layout

Just at the beginning of last month, domestic digital bloggers revealed that “Europa has also entered the pen electricity market, and the progress of their smart home IOT devices in the past two years is quite fast.”. With the layout of intelligent terminals in the whole product line of Xiaomi, Huawei and other manufacturers, the entry of oppo is not surprising. At the same time, in the face of such fierce competition in the technology terminal market, other mobile phone brand manufacturers may also gradually enter the field and get a share.

Compared with traditional technology brands, mobile phone manufacturers seem to have more advantages in entering the market. In recent years, domestic smart phone manufacturers have gradually penetrated into the field of smart home interconnection. Therefore, in terms of hardware configuration and software experience, mobile phone manufacturers can not only get more cutting-edge technical support, but also dig deep into users’ pain points, and make mobile phone, tablet, smart TV, smart home appliances and other product lines more valuable.

The ecological layout of IOT in China is gradually improved, and the trend of intelligent terminal system is becoming more and more popular

At present, the concept of smart life is gradually accepted and known by the public, and the intelligent home scene has been gradually implemented by the public. The combination of personal scene, vertical scene and fusion scene makes technology have a more practical and important position in our life. Therefore, when oppo and other brands enter the pen and TV industry, they will break the scene barrier and make the perfect combination of personal technology focus and digital world, so as to achieve a more perfect ecological environment.

On the technical level, the mobile phone manufacturers have introduced the laptop into the IOT ecosystem, and the advantages are more obvious. It can not only better interconnect its own products with smart home, smart phones and other products, but also bring users a seamless cross platform experience and a more convenient collaborative experience.

In the actual use scenario, due to the scene demand of home office in recent two years, notebook will also be like smart office terminal products, which need to be linked with all aspects of our home life, so as to better improve our home office efficiency.

Write at the end

The product line of pen and TV seems to be the terminal product finally integrated into the smart home. However, the cross-border of traditional brands seems to have gradually revealed its rudiment. The linkage of smart home will also introduce more products, and the future experience of science and technology in the film will no longer be limited to our imagination.

It can be seen that in the future development of science and technology industry, IOT, like “mobile payment”, will infiltrate into every inch of our life and bring us more convenience.

Author: Manyu



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