When will I come? Guo Mingfu: it is estimated that by 2023

May 3, 2021, China News: with Huawei and Xiaomi competing to enter the track of folding screen mobile phones, it has already become a hot spot. However, it is strange that Apple has not been found in it, which makes people wonder whether Apple really has no intention.

Now, according to the well-known Apple elder brother Guo Mingyu, Apple’s folding iPhone will be launched in 2023. It’s too late, but it doesn’t hinder the industry’s expectation of apple. So what kind of surprise will Apple bring us this time?

In this regard, Guo pointed out that the folding screen iPhone will use 8-inch QHD + OLED, SDC Samsung display is the exclusive supplier, and TPK CHENHONG technology’s nano silver touch solution will be adopted. It is worth mentioning that nano materials have technological advantages in these properties.

Text: Xu Huan



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