Rtx3060 with 240Hz screen

Machinist f117-x is equipped with a brand new i7-10870h processor. Based on the 8-core 16 thread design of 10nm advanced process, it has stable and powerful computing power, and can handle the high load multithreading work of professional software such as 3D graphics, rendering, image processing, video coding, etc. In addition, the mechanic f117-x is equipped with ddr4-3200mhz memory, combined with the storage combination of 1TB PCI SSD, and Haina creative resources, which can quickly start the application software to enter the working state, and improve the creative efficiency of high-level creators in an all-round way.

RTX3060搭240Hz屏幕 机械师游戏本促销中

Machinist f117-x can be equipped with NVIDIA geforce RTX 3060 graphics card. In addition to achieving more realistic real-time ray tracing effect, the third generation tensor core also brings advanced AI function. Combined with NVIDIA’s unique DLSS 2.0 and reflex low delay technology, it ensures reliable high frame rate pictures and restores real and delicate light and shadow effects.

The mechanic f117-x also features a three sided narrow frame design with a high refresh rate of 240Hz. The screen has 100% sRGB color gamut coverage to ensure the accuracy of screen color, so that game players can see what they get and output works colorlessly. This game also has 360 ° In addition, the cooling system also provides three operation modes of office, game and turbo, so that users can freely choose the required performance mode according to different use scenarios.

Author: Zhang Fan



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