How about Qumei solid wood sofa? How about the price of Qumei solid wood sofa

Solid wood sofa is a common type of sofa. People need to consider its brand when they choose solid wood sofa. Qumei home is a popular brand in the market. How about the quality of Qumei solid wood sofa? How about the price? Today, let’s talk about Qumei’s solid wood sofa.

1、 How about Qumei solid wood sofa

Qumei home was founded in 1995, has been operating so far, with advanced technology leading in the furniture market, and in 2005 also by China’s environmental signs of affirmation, Qumei home has been extended from strength to the influence of the furniture market, therefore, Qumei home has a solid presence in the furniture market, and become a brand furniture.

On April 2, 2015, Qumei home was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and also won the 2009 consumer’s favorite furniture brand, 2014 best environmental fashion award and other awards.

2、 How about the price of Qumei solid wood sofa

Although the current market price of Qumei home does not belong to the ranks of cabbage price, it can be said that it is the most cost-effective. According to the current market situation, the price of Qumei’s solid wood double bed is about 2500-5000 yuan. In addition, the price of Qumei’s sofa is only 2000-8000 yuan. Of course, the grade of sofa is different at different prices. Therefore, from the price point of view, the price of Qumei is really civilian, and the cost performance is very high.

It can be seen that the quality of Qumei solid wood sofa is good, which is due to the brand strength of Qumei home. Qumei home has been extending its influence from strength to furniture market. Therefore, Qumei home has been firmly existing in the furniture market and has become a brand furniture.

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