7199 yuan ASUS rtx3060 graphics card spot sales


Recently, there are more rtx3060 graphics cards on the spot. ASUS tuf-rtx3060-o12g-gaming is one of the most outstanding rtx3060 graphics cards, and the current price is more than 7000.

7199元 华硕RTX3060显卡现货销售

ASUS tuf-rtx3060-o12g-gaming graphics card stands out among many products pursuing unique appearance with its tough and simple style. At present, tuf E-sports agents are committed to providing stable and durable products for E-sports players. In this year, ASUS also designed a new logo for the tuf series, which enhances the image of stability and durability. At the same time, the simple and clean design highlights the modernity of fashion; The solid hexagonal geometry forms the core of tuf, forming the image of light armored forces, which makes the logo more recognizable than before.

The tuf rtx3060 adopts three fan design, and uses the newly upgraded axial fan, which is more efficient, silent and has longer service life. The central fan reversing design reduces the air turbulence in the heat dissipation module and greatly improves the heat dissipation efficiency. With the intelligent start stop function of the fan, the fan below 55 degrees stops completely, providing a quieter use experience. The heat sink base adopts mirror polishing process, which makes the core close to the super large heat sink module, with VRAM heat sink and all metal ventilation backplane to further improve the heat dissipation efficiency. Although it is a “tough guy and simple style”, ASUS is still equipped with a light band and a tuf luminous logo for the tuf rtx3060. Naturally, it also supports Shenguang synchronization. Using the armoury crite, you can customize the RGB light, which sets off the atmosphere of electronic competition.

Author: Zhang Fan



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