Game console is hard to find? Two new flagship game consoles launched by Gigabyte

Recently, Gigabyte announced that it will launch two flagship game consoles: aorus modelx and aorus models. The two game hosts will adopt top processor and top game graphics card.

It is reported that aorus models not only occupies a smaller area, but also has outstanding heat dissipation performance. It adopts a vertical air duct with bottom suction and top outlet. The interior is specially designed. The noise of the whole machine is smaller than that of the water-cooled model, which is less than 37 decibels in the game. Modelx is a traditional full tower cabinet with liquid cooling and 360 integrated water cooling inside. The noise of the whole machine is only 40 dB.

At the same time, both hosts offer Intel and AMD versions. Intel version will use i9-11900k, amd version will provide the sharp dragon 95900x as a choice. Modelx is pre installed with 16gb4400mhz memory, while models is 4000MHz memory (AMD version is 3600MHz memory), and rtx3080 is equipped to meet the needs of the game.

In terms of appearance, there are obvious differences in design between the two hosts. Modelx focuses on extreme performance, and the fuselage is full of RGB special effects. Models is a small and powerful mini game machine, occupying a small area. It has almost no decoration except the “big carving” logo on the front. It is the first choice for players who like low-key chassis.

At present, the official did not give the price of two flagship hosts. However, with rtx3080 and high-end processor, I think the price is more than 20000 yuan (I want to buy a series that I can’t afford, save money, my friends).

Author: September



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