Game experience whatever you want, Rebecca v710 game headset evaluation

Game peripherals are always indispensable equipment for E-sports players, but game headphones are always ignored by players. In fact, for players, a pair of game headphones with good experience can turn the war. According to the basic data of the e-commerce platform, most players will choose the 100 yuan game headset. In this range, the Rebecca vh710 is quite unique. Let’s try this 100 yuan flagship to see how his experience is.

Appearance: ergonomic earmuffs have high recognition

As a 100 yuan “flagship model”, we can see that the appearance design language of Raptor vh710 has begun to rely on high recognition. It abandons the round appearance of the previous entry-level children of Raptor VH series. The earmuff shell of Raptor vh710 adopts irregular Pentagon design. Compared with the common round earmuffs, this shape obviously fits the real ear better, and the wearing experience is expected to be better.

The earmuff shell is treated by electroplating process. The metal like texture adds a lot to the appearance of the whole machine. However, it is doubtful whether there will be fingerprint collection effect after using it for a long time.

Raber vh710 uses a 50mm unit. In the competition of the same level, this size is standard. When it is used with the official virtual 7.1 channel, the headset can provide a good sense of game presence. More importantly, it can hear the sound direction clearly, so that players can find their opponents faster.

The surface of the earmuff is made of cortical material, and the inner part is filled with memory sponge. As a part in direct contact with the human ear, the ergonomic design of the irregular Pentagon earmuff is good. On the premise of the soft and comfortable earmuff, the wrapping degree of the earmuff to the ear is also appropriate. The author does not feel the swelling feeling of support during the wearing process, and it should not be too muggy for a long time.

The author has always believed that the microphone of the game headset is often ignored. First of all, the electronic competition level microphones that do not support “universal” adjustment are hooligans. Fortunately, the microphone of Rebecca vh710 supports 360 ° Free adjustment can better adapt to the face shape differences and sound volume habits of different users. This design is to let the headset adapt to the user, rather than asking the user to get used to the headset.

Raber vh710’s head beam is hollowed out. The flexibility of the metal head beam is good. There is no problem if the angle is slightly twisted. It can quickly return to its original state after releasing.

There are many functions of headphone by wire, including volume control, microphone switch and backlight switch. Volume adjustment button is common

The RGB color lights of the earphone are buried in two places, namely, the slot of the earphone shell and the logo in the middle of the shell. The streamer effect of the color lights is good. Although in most cases, the user can not feel the earphone light, hanging the earphone on the earphone bracket when not playing games can still act as a beautiful desktop ornament.

Experience: drive intuitively, improve FPS game experience

Before the actual experience, let’s talk about Raptor’s driver software, which is the soul of the headset. The driver software interface of Raptor’s headset is more conventional, without unnecessary embellishment. The function setting options are basically clear at a glance. The normal equalizer settings of headphones are indispensable. These options are also convenient for those who have a special pursuit of headphone sound quality to carry out custom tuning.

What’s really important is to turn on and off virtual 7.1 channel, which needs driver software.

Similar to the virtual 7.1 channel, the ENC function of the microphone also needs to be turned on or off with the help of driver software.

Interestingly, the Rebecca driver software also provides the microphone voice change function. Now playing online games inevitably needs to speak to strangers. The microphone voice change can protect the privacy of players to some extent.

In terms of practical experience, the author mainly uses two functional modules: headphone audio playback and black voice on. At present, there are two main application scenarios of game headphones. The first is to sense the direction of the sound in the game, which is mostly used for professional FPS players; The second is to turn on the black voice. The microphone provided by the game headset is convenient for players to communicate when turning on the black voice. Therefore, for an excellent game headset, the priority of these two functions should be the top two.

In the actual experience, after the virtual 7.1 channel of Rebecca vh710 is turned on, the sense of sound direction from the headset becomes stronger. Take CS: go as an example, close to the wall, you can clearly hear the distance of each other’s footsteps, the sound of weapon collision and the direction of the trigger sound of special items, so that players can more clearly guess the opponent’s position or the location of the exchange of fire between the enemy and us.

Of course, in high-end games, high score players often use many tricks to hide their position. Game headphones can play the role of identifying the position, but what’s more important is the player’s brain as the output end of the headphones – the accumulated game experience and understanding of the game play a key role in the game, The Rebecca vh710 can help players better play the game skills and complete more tactical intentions.

The children who often open the black with friends should have a deep understanding of the importance of voice function. When opening the black, the microphone can affect not only the users themselves, but also the teammates, especially when acting as the team commander. The clear and noiseless experience can make the team communicate more smoothly, and then affect the overall trend of the whole game.

The actual experience of Rebecca vh710 microphone is very good, which is attributed to the ENC noise reduction technology. After noise reduction, the non-human noise received by the microphone will be suppressed, leaving clear human voice input to the computer, and the black voice environment is guaranteed.

Summary: high cost-effective competitive peripherals

A peripheral that can meet the competitive needs of players should be able to help players release their game talents, so that players can devote themselves to the competition. Considering from this dimension, the characteristics of Raptor vh710 basically meet these requirements – investment in enc voice noise reduction technology, virtual 7.1 channel, ergonomic earmuffs suitable for long-time wearing, and relatively light weight. All these reflect the “flagship” flavor of Raptor vh710. Considering that the price of this headset is less than 200 yuan, the overall cost performance is very good, If you have plans to start playing games in the near future, you may as well consider it.

Author: Didi



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