Gigabyte released m28u display: 4K + 144hz, integrated KVM function – Pacific computer network

Gigabyte quietly released m28u, a 4K monitor with 28 inch screen. The highlight of the monitor is the integration of KVM function, which integrates keyboard, video and mouse interfaces and outputs them to the host or notebook.

KVM function can bring a lot of convenience for users, the keyboard and mouse are directly connected to the display, so that users only need to use the special KVM key to switch the video input terminal, and they can switch between two PCs; In addition, because Gigabyte m28u has a full-featured usb-c interface, it can be used as the output of KVM. For notebook / mobile phone / tablet users, if the notebook / mobile phone / tablet at hand has an all-round usb-c interface, it only needs to connect a cable to realize the two functions of display projection and keyboard mouse connection, which is both practical and convenient.

The basic hardware parameters are convenient, and the Gigabyte m28u is also unambiguous. It is equipped with a 4K ultrahdips panel, with a maximum refresh rate of 144hz, 8bit color depth, 94% dci-p3 gamut coverage, and 178 viewing angles °/ one hundred and seventy-eight °、 300cd maximum brightness, displayhdr400, 1000:1 static contrast and freesyncpremium pro.

In addition to the above-mentioned usb-c interface, it also includes two hdmi2.1, one DisplayPort 1.4, 3.5mm audio interface and three usb-a interfaces. The usb-c interface supports DisplayPort through.

On the software level, the powerful built-in functions of Gigabyte display are also reflected on m28u. The first is the convenient and rich osdsidekick. Users can directly adjust the parameters of the display through the keyboard and mouse in the driver software, or monitor the parameters of the computer by connecting to the host computer. In addition, countdown, collimation assistance, black balance and aiming stability assistance functions have been inherited. Now users can even realize one screen multi-purpose on m28u. It is no longer a dream to watch strategy guidance while playing games.

At present, the price of this monitor has not been disclosed. There are many 4K high brush displays on the market, but Jijia, which integrates KVM function, says that this one is worth looking forward to. Which price do you think is more suitable? Leave your comments in the comments section.



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