Ming Lue technology has been established for 15 years, focusing on data intelligent circuit, realizing the business closed loop of technology, product and market landing

2021 is the 15th year of Ming Lue technology. Over the past 15 years, Ming Lue technology has focused on data intelligence track. As a market pioneer, with its leading technology and product strength, it has built a new paradigm of intelligent technology to solve business problems in multiple industries. In the field of data and knowledge asset management, Ming Lue technology has full link products and solutions, accumulated rich practical experience in serving global benchmarking industry customers, and realized a business closed-loop from technology to product and then to market landing. In the future, Ming Lue technology will adhere to the product strategy, take products as the core, and constantly improve the industrial ecological chain.

Scientific and technological achievements: trinity of theory, technology and talents, highlighting the hard core strength of scientific and technological enterprises

As early as 2006, Ming Lue technology took the lead in entering the data intelligence track. After more than a decade of development, it has developed into a new generation of technology enterprise that follows the theory of “Hao intelligence” to guide technology practice, takes big data analysis ability as the development gene, takes knowledge mapping technology as the competitive advantage, and takes high-level scientific research talents as the core productivity.

“Hao intelligence” theory is the theoretical framework of Ming Lue science and technology. Based on the forward-looking prediction of technology development, Wu Minghui, the founder of Ming Lue technology, and Professor Wu Xindong, the chief scientist of Ming Lue technology, jointly created the Hao intelligence theory, aiming at combining human intelligence, artificial intelligence and organizational intelligence to realize the closed-loop landing of AI by opening up perception, cognition and action systems. The model not only fully interprets the future development direction of artificial intelligence, but also lays a theoretical foundation for the technology implementation of Ming Lue technology. At present, Hao model has been applied in many business scenarios, such as intelligent catering, social network marketing, public security, finance and so on.

Theoretical framework of Hao intelligence

Big data analysis ability is the development gene of Ming Lue technology. The predecessor of Ming Lue technology is the second hand system, which was established in 2006. The second hand has created a leading advertising effect monitoring and evaluation and anti cheating system. At present, it has become the largest third-party marketing intelligent technology platform in China. With the big data analysis ability accumulated by the second hand system, Ming Lue technology can mine the data value in the environment of historical data reaching 10PB level and daily average incremental data exceeding 10TB level, realize millisecond level predictive analysis, and form decision-making and action in combination with industry knowledge map.

Knowledge mapping technology is the competitive advantage of Ming Lue technology. Ming Lue technology has the same number of knowledge map patents as big factories. According to the statistics of iprdaily, the global intellectual property industry media, at present, Ming Lue technology has more than 220 patents related to knowledge map, ranking among Tencent, Ping’an technology, Baidu and other big manufacturers, becoming the top five manufacturers in terms of patent quantity. At the same time, Ming Lue technology has created a number of new industry paradigms in the application of knowledge mapping. Ming Lue technology helped a national joint-stock bank to realize the first bank wide knowledge mapping application in China, and introduced knowledge mapping technology into intelligent comprehensive governance and other fields for the first time. In addition, its technical strength has been recognized by authoritative institutions for many times. Ming Lue technology has been selected into the Gartner 2020 atlas technology cool vendor report, and only four manufacturers in the world have been selected. Ming Lue technology is the only Chinese manufacturer selected.

Scientific research talents and Ming Lue Academy of sciences are the important support for the core productivity of Ming Lue science and technology. At present, Ming Lue Technology Group has 3000 + employees, and more than 60% of them are technical R & D personnel. Most of them graduated from Tsinghua University, Peking University and other universities at home and abroad, and have the working experience of global top 500 enterprises and first-line Internet enterprises. In 2018, the Ming Lue Academy of Sciences was established, with Professor Wu Xindong, the top expert in the artificial intelligence industry, as its president. It has four laboratories: knowledge engineering, deep learning, information retrieval and marketing intelligence. Nearly 10 academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering and Australian Academy of sciences were selected as the first batch of academicians to jointly promote the development of cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence in China.

Business and market landing: realize full link productization and build benchmarking industry practice experience

After more than ten years of development, Ming Lue technology has achieved a commercialized closed-loop from technology, products to market landing, formed a full link product of management data and knowledge assets, and has practical experience in serving benchmark enterprises in many industries.

At present, the core products and solutions of Ming Lue technology are data platform and knowledge mapping platform, which are the landing of accumulated technical ability over the years, and have realized the productization of enterprise level data intelligent products in the whole business chain.

Ming Lue technology data center, which has accumulated massive data processing capacity and knowledge mapping technology for many years, is a data asset full cycle management solution with industry know-how. Its core competence includes managing data as strategic assets for enterprises, establishing a set of management mechanism from data collection to processing and application, so as to improve the quality of data, realize extensive data sharing, finally realize the maximum value of data, and help enterprises make intelligent decisions based on data.

Minglue knowledge mapping platform, knowledge management and insight analysis platform based on knowledge mapping technology, through data assets for the enterprise precipitation knowledge experience of the whole link of productization. Minglue knowledge mapping platform is the leading knowledge mapping solution in China.

At the market landing level, the core products and solutions of Ming Lue technology have been landing in more than 2000 customers, including P & G and Yum global top 100 brands in China; More than 60 provincial and Municipal Public Security Bureau, people’s Bank of China, Everbright Bank, CRRC, Shanghai Metro and other hundreds of industry benchmark customers.

In the industrial field, Ming Lue technology has built the world’s largest network level vehicle intelligent operation and maintenance platform for Shanghai Shentong Metro, the world’s largest metro network, covering more than 10 metro lines and 400 + trains, realizing real-time TB data early warning processing. The platform focuses on the aggregation of data access and fusion, realizes a large number of equipment status data, realizes data analysis, and timely controls the status and fault of key equipment of the train. Through this system, it can effectively reduce the failure rate of the main line operation, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving the operation level and reducing the operation cost.

In the field of digital city, minglue technology cooperated with Tencent cloud to build a smart city project under the jurisdiction of a sub provincial city. Within three months, it connected 56 commissions and bureaus, put in 5 billion pieces of internal and external data, effectively promoted “one thing, one operation”, improved the approval efficiency, further optimized the business environment, and promoted the transformation of government functions.

In the field of intelligent policing, minglue technology helps a city build an intelligent platform for digital social governance. It uses technologies such as big data, AI, cloud computing, Internet of things, and mobile Internet to build an intelligent, intelligent and intelligent policing platform with the goal of “super social situation awareness, efficient allocation of public resources, timely warning of abnormal situations, and rapid handling of emergencies” The comprehensive service platform of social governance promotes the transformation of social governance from “traditional treatment” to “intelligent governance”, and constantly improves the level of social “intelligent governance”.

In the field of marketing, Ming Lue technology, through artificial intelligence and big data technology, accelerates the digital transformation of nearly 90% of China’s well-known enterprises, helps enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, realizes efficient operation and intelligent decision-making, creates brand mid platform solutions for global well-known brands, helps enterprises realize intelligent marketing closed-loop, increases ROI of advertising by 8 times and conversion rate by more than 7 times.

Relying on its leading technical strength and profound industry experience, Ming Lue technology has participated in the establishment of standards in marketing, public safety, rail transit and other industries. For example, as a core member, it has participated in the technical specifications for urban rail transit and the information technology architecture and network security specifications for smart urban rail transit issued by China Urban Rail Transit Association, Participated in the implementation of many industry standards including “MMA China wireless marketing alliance mobile Internet app embedded advertising SDK monitoring standard” and “interactive advertising standard”.

Productization strategy: building enterprise intelligent productivity platform and building industrial ecology

In the view of Ming Lue technology, with the digital transformation of the whole industry chain, the development trend of enterprises must be all business data, all data business. In the information age, enterprises manage human, financial and material assets through ERP system. In the intelligent age, data and knowledge will become the fourth largest asset and the new engine of enterprise growth. Based on this, in the future, minglue technology will focus on the strategy of productization and platform, build a new generation of enterprise intelligent productivity platform, comprehensively improve the ability of enterprise data processing and analysis, and create a new driving force for enterprise growth.

The intelligent productivity platform of Ming Lue technology enterprise will integrate the original office system and production system of the enterprise in the underlying architecture, and make use of AI technology and collaboration tools to create end-to-end digital processes inside and outside the enterprise, so that the scattered data or implicit successful experience in the enterprise can be precipitated into explicit knowledge and insight, so as to realize the effective flow of information, And push to the right person at the right time to help the team work efficiently, bring a new intelligent experience for customer management, improve the operation efficiency of the organization, and ultimately enhance the enterprise productivity and adaptability to the external environment.

Through the new generation of enterprise intelligent productivity platform, Ming Lue technology will consolidate the platform strategy, strengthen the industrial ecological layout, actively gather high-quality enterprises and partners in the upstream and downstream of the industry, integrate and complement each other in terms of products, technology, market, etc., further strengthen the end-to-end product and service capabilities, and jointly provide enterprises with digital A complete solution for intelligent transformation.

At present, in the industrial end, Ming Lue technology has established a partnership with Tencent and other leading enterprises, implemented the industrial ecological strategy, and achieved a win-win situation in the fields of digital city, marketing, government affairs, etc; On the technology side, Ming Lue technology has made layout in intelligent hardware operation and maintenance, AI sensing hardware, and strengthened the technical advantages of data analysis and intelligent decision-making through strategic investment in smart Bi. In the future, Ming Lue technology will continue to improve the construction of the ecological chain, and join hands with partners to explore industrial development opportunities under the wave of digital economy.

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