Roamer: speak out your love for your mother on Mother’s Day

In the context of Chinese culture, the expression and display of emotion is implicit and shy. When we are faced with the closest person, the passion surging in our hearts can not be expressed publicly: love is frozen in silence.

However, on this special day of mother’s day, let’s put down our shyness and speak out our love to our mother. Let the mothers feel our gratitude for the mother’s birth, so that the mothers can hear the pious love of their children.


Rome table stingray series

Fish, in the Chinese gift list occupies a very special position. In the tradition that a married daughter gives her mother fresh fish, it means the best blessing for her mother’s health and longevity. On Mother’s day, giving her mother a unique Rome watch of stingray can also continue this beautiful tradition.

Mink III Roman watch adopts three-dimensional embedded large Roman digital time scale, and the polishing process is exquisite, which conveys the elegant and refined temperament with profound cultural connotation. It’s also a kind of unique filial piety for mothers to show their elegance in this festival.


Epicontinental rock series of Rome

Among the series of Roman watches in Switzerland, Haiyan watch is a unique one. The perfect combination of classic elements and modern fashion creates a lasting and lasting watch. The Swiss Roman surface rock series, with its mellow and unique lines, exquisite manufacturing technology and wrist scenery, shows your temperament. The fully automatic mechanical movement and refined steel material are polished, showing the calmness and warmth of the workplace.

On the special occasion of mother’s day, as the father of a child, if you can make the woman who gives birth to your child feel your love with the unique surprise of “Xiao que Xing”, wouldn’t it make life more full of love.


Roman watch Star Series

Sexy, belongs to the female, but never seems to belong to the mother. But in fact, even a mother has the right to pursue beauty and sexuality. It’s like a mother with a doll on her back, but still can be in a nightclub with her best friend. There’s nothing to stop her in the pursuit of freedom and beauty.

Swiss Roman watch Ruixing series watches show women’s charm incisively and vividly. Tungsten steel and refined steel make the strap together. The vacuum ion plating process makes the whole watch feel full of metal. With the Black Laser dial, it expresses the charm and charm of the mechanism. Gently lift the elegant wrist, the appropriate queen fan.


Roman watch Galaxy series

Nothing can be immortal in time, except deep maternal love and bright stars. The eternal existence of the galaxy, like the maternal nature deeply rooted in the female body, is almost eternal.

The Roman watch Galaxy series is a tribute to the eternal boutique. The gold and white classic card playing of the wristband make it full of dignified texture, and the unique craft design beauty of the dial highlights the beauty of women’s atmosphere and calmness, which people can’t put down.



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