Block style + mall — Merrill Lynch m · live world promotes the new wave of urban commerce

In recent years, with the evolution of people’s life style and the change of consumption behavior, both the development of commercial format and the evolution of shopping mall form are continuously injecting new vitality into the city. In the process of commercial development, the shopping center from the initial “sale” attribute, to the direction of food, shopping, entertainment, appreciation, rest and other diversified development, has become a city experience space with different consumption behavior and consumption type, and gradually become the carrier of life and feeling in urban life. As the representative form of the commercial 3.0 era, the block type commerce pays attention to the creation of “life aesthetics theme”, which not only meets the consumption of life needs, but also meets the consumption of spiritual needs. It injects social, artistic and cultural experiences into catering, leisure and entertainment formats, improves the shopping environment, and realizes consumption upgrading.

In China, as pioneers of commercial theme blocks, such as Yuanyang taiguli in Chengdu and Wanxiang Tiandi in Shenzhen, the new business model of block + mall is introduced. The open business form provides better creative space for shopping malls, and forms a unique atmosphere by blending life interest, metropolitan leisure taste, high-quality commerce, natural social interaction and other elements. Not only in the visual sense to bring new changes, but also in the emotional connection for consumers to bring seamless new look and feel. It attracts young customers who are keen to experience, enjoy social life, pursue quality of life, have a more open and free consumption attitude, and meet the dual upgrading of material and spiritual needs. “Block type commerce” is gradually becoming a bright landscape in the industry.

In Guangzhou, under the tide of the city “eastward” strategy, the eastern area has become the strategic focus of urban development, which contains huge commercial potential. However, before 2019, the commercial supporting facilities in the east area of Guangzhou are still relatively backward, the volume of each commercial project is small, there is no large-scale commercial entity, the business structure is single, mainly street shops and some medium and low-grade brand stores, and the consumption experience is poor. With the strong entry of Merrill Lynch m · live world, we have joined hands with IKEA and 123 well-known fashion brands at home and abroad to lead the upgrading of new life and commercial facilities in Eastern Guangzhou and become a new benchmark for regional commerce.


Since its opening more than one year ago, Merrill Lynch’s M · live world has made remarkable achievements. Even under the influence of the epidemic, its annual passenger flow still exceeds 10 million, and its sales even hit new highs. Good news has come from the second phase of the project. The second phase of Merrill Lynch’s M · live world will meet you in June 2021. The total building area of phase II is about 120000 square meters, with more than 2000 parking spaces. In the new wave of block type commercial development, phase II of Merrill Lynch m · live world will build an all-weather trendy living block of “international life x24 hours”, and introduce the only Sam’s club in Guangzhou City. The project will bring “Sam’s Club” as a whole × IKEA + n “experience scene. The arrival of Sam’s club makes it possible for Merrill Lynch m · live world to be the first shopping center in China with two international retail giants, Sam’s club and IKEA. Not only that, Jinyi IMAX double giant screen cinema brings the ultimate viewing experience and provides richer cultural life for the surrounding residents. Xiaomi flagship store, McDonald’s, Xianhezhuang, huofengxiang, Starbucks, Sasa, manhuotang, Chow Tai Fook and other well-known brands will also make a strong appearance, and major mainstream brands will join in, enabling Merrill Lynch’s M · live world phase II business scene and characteristic business form, and enjoying the quality of life.


The second phase of the project’s open block breaks the barriers between daily life and commerce, perfectly combines the aesthetics of life with light luxury experience, and integrates art and culture into commercial format. Make full use of the outdoor space of the theme block, extend the space visually through creativity and exhibition, and integrate the rich light and shadow art, ecological green plants and Internet red elements into the scene design of each space in the city, so as to bring multiple sensory enjoyment of nature, health, art and intelligence, and create a quality living and social space in the city. Here you can taste art, experience multi-dimensional senses, refresh and play all the time, create more new and powerful scenes, and continue the essence of a better life.

As a key commercial project of Merrill Lynch Foundation Group, Merrill Lynch m · live focuses on the world’s strongest Bay area economy and adheres to the positioning of “quality life service provider” of Merrill Lynch Foundation group. The first phase is a boutique shopping center, which complements the second phase’s 24-hour immersive theme block to build a full chain of play Tesco business territory. The third phase is positioned as an international high-end rental service apartment + luxury fashion hall, which will fill the gap of the regional top commercial complex. The three halls complement each other and present a new commercial ecological landmark of Guangzhou East.




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