Rebecca vm150s earphone evaluation: say goodbye to the sultry, and give you fresh game sound

It’s the end of the year again. After a whole year’s hard work, many kids want to relax during the Spring Festival holiday. They want to meet three or five friends, play some exciting games, and relive the time when they had a fierce fight in the school dormitory. But always wear headphones when playing games, otherwise the sound will easily disturb the family. When it comes to wearing game earphones, many kids are worried. If they are wearing professional headphones, the thick sponge earmuffs will make their ears feel very stuffy. If they wear them for a long time, they will also make their heads feel pressure, swelling and pain.

If you wear ordinary earphones, the 3D scene of the game will not be restored enough. You often can’t hear where the enemy is coming from, which affects the operation. Is there a game headset that can keep the professional stereo of the game headset restored and keep the refreshing and comfortable feeling when wearing ordinary headphones?

Today, the evaluation room has ushered in such a pair of E-sports headphones, viz. Raptor vm150s, which combines professional game headphones with the portability of ordinary headphones. What’s the specific performance? Let’s take a detailed breakdown.

Appearance & amp; wear: simple design, stable and comfortable

As an entry-level positioning game headset, raptor vm150s gives up some “icing on the cake” details in appearance, but pays attention to the quality of the product itself. In appearance, it is similar to the ordinary earphone, but the metal laser technology and matte black Rebecca logo on the side of the earphone highlight the cool game attribute of the earphone. It has excellent performance in quality, and its workmanship is in the top position among the products of the same price. The gap at the connection is well controlled, and the connection between the cable and the headset is fixed.

On the wearer, raptor vm150s adopts ergonomically designed soft ear wings and skin friendly soft rubber materials, which can enhance the firmness when wearing. No matter how you are in the game, it will be firmly fixed on your ears and will not fall off. The small and medium-sized earmuff can also help users find a more suitable size for themselves, further fit the cochlea, and greatly improve their comfort.

Sound & amp; experience: excellent three-dimensional sense, excellent game performance

When it comes to the sound effect of Raptor vm150s, we have to say that the USB sound card attached with the earphone can turn on the virtual 7.1-channel sound effect by plugging the earphone into the USB sound card and connecting it to the computer, so as to realize eight surround sound points in an all-round way. This function is very rare in the game earphone of this price range, which can be said to be unique. In addition, the 10 mm large sound generating unit of the earphone can guarantee the surround and resolution of the sound during the game.

First of all, I tested its surround sound, and tested the vm150s with Dolby’s “lifestyle” panoramic sound music. The headset has good simulation effect for each channel, and has smooth communication and consistency for multi-channel linkage. There is no unbalanced or split volume when the channel changes.

For the delay effect, due to the use of wired connection, almost no delay is achieved in the delay, and the music rhythm can also have a good display effect. The drawback is that in terms of tuning, maybe Raptor prefers the positioning of the game headset, highlighting the performance of the headset in the bass band, so the power of vm150s in the treble band is not obvious, which is also in line with the scene of the game. Generally speaking, vm150s can easily restore the stereo effect. This USB external sound card has good strength.

Next is a more practical game test. After work, I went home to open CS: go and put on the earphone. First of all, I want to praise the comfort and soft feeling of this earphone. After entering the game, I found that it has a good sense of atmosphere, which is quite different from that of the headset. It creates a strong sense of battlefield for you. The sound comes from all directions, not just a left and right plane.

In order to test the earphone’s sense of orientation, I specially became a “old six”, squatting in a corner of the enemy’s only way to attack our side. Sure enough, two people’s footsteps from the left ear full around to the front, I a sneak attack to win the double kill. After a few hours of experience, we found that vm150s performs very well in the basic functions of listening and identifying the position of the game, and also has some special training for the handling of bullet sound and explosion sound.

Radio & amp; details: independent microphone, mobile game and end game are suitable

Since it is located in the game earphone, the radio effect is also the focus of the investigation. Raptor vm150s adopts an independent microphone and pluggable design. The earphone can be put away when not using the microphone, so as to avoid affecting the comfort of normal wearing. The microphone is made of foldable and fixed materials, and the angle can be adjusted according to the scene. The radio effect is also at the upper level of the same price.

In a non noisy environment, the user’s voice can be restored fully and stereoscopically, which can easily meet the requirements of game communication, and the enunciation is clear. It can also adjust the microphone volume and switch through USB sound card. In the ever-changing game scene, we can ensure that we will not be delayed by such small things.

In terms of control, when connected to the computer through the external USB sound card, you can adjust the sound volume, microphone volume and microphone switch through the USB external sound card. The wheel mode has a certain damping feeling and is more smooth. The external USB sound card also has a glowing Rebecca logo, which can guide the location in a dim environment.

In addition to the USB sound card, the Raptor vm150s is also equipped with a 1 / 2 frequency division line, which converts a single 3.5mm headset signal into a 3.5mm headset and a 3.5mm microphone. It is suitable for PC related devices with frequency division interface. It can also be connected with a mobile phone by connecting the headset to the tpye-c interface. It can also experience the end game level audio-visual enjoyment by playing shooting mobile games.

The driver software corresponding to vm150s can also be downloaded and used to connect the computer. In the software, we can control the volume of earphone and microphone respectively. In the top bar, we can also select hi fi mode, movie mode, chicken eating mode and user-defined mode. Users can select the corresponding sound effects when listening to songs, watching movies and playing games. When the software is turned on, the earphone will turn on automatically With virtual 7.1 sound effect, it can bring more immersive feeling when playing games. If the sound is not ideal, you can further customize it manually.


Raptor vm150s is a “very practical” peripherals, if your expectation is to be able to play in the game to listen to identify the position, create a game atmosphere, so that teammates can hear your voice, it can easily do, after discount less than 170 yuan price, let it compared to the market a lot of competitive products have no small price advantage, but also highlights Raptor as a domestic well-known peripherals factory The strength and courage of the family.

A comfortable and cool wearing, excellent game sound quality is our evaluation room’s consistent evaluation. If you are also fed up with the stuffy headphones, then Raptor vm150s electronic competition headphones will be your good choice.

Author: the alien on the back of the moon, Gatsby



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