What are the possibilities for a new life? Jingdong 315 quality home appliances festival takes you to open!

Adult stress is silent. Housing loans, car loans, children’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, elderly care and so on, often make us breathless, so we have to find a balance in our busy work. When to start, overtime has become the norm, and home is only a place to perch occasionally, and life is the same. How can you make your life more comfortable and quality? It has become a topic for many adults to ponder.


Home appliances, as a small helper of family scenes, have an important impact on the quality of life. A good home appliance can not only show our taste and personality, liberate our hands and set aside more time to do what we want to do, but also solve many contradictions in life and enhance our sense of happiness. So, I can’t help it! So which appliances are worthy of our attention? Next, I will take you to enjoy my “Huanxin Dafa” in 2020!

First of all, washing dishes is the most annoying chore in history. After all, it’s human instinct to eat and drink enough and go to the sofa. Washing dishes is the fuse of many family conflicts. Xiao Bian, my husband and I don’t like to do the dishes. Before, we even made a schedule to determine who does the dishes every day. Finally, this year, we bought a dishwasher, which completely liberated the two of us. We had less quarrels and conflicts. On the contrary, we had time to watch movies and play games together, which made our relationship better. Dishwasher can not only liberate hands, but also disinfect and sterilize, which is cleaner than manual brush. Later I bought a set for my mother-in-law’s family. I didn’t think that we used to make complaints about our mother-in-law.

Then, a series of partners of “freeing hands artifact” entered. From robot sweepers to air-conditioned washing machines. The replacement of household appliances can really make life look brand new, and a good mood will follow. in especial! The air conditioner we replaced in our home can realize self-cleaning, no longer need to bother to clean, clean the air and take care of healthy breathing; it can quickly cool and heat, turn on the air conditioner at home and enjoy comfortable temperature; it has good mute effect, and my sleep has been improved after several years of neurasthenia! In addition, the activity of “replacing old household appliances with new ones” is searched in Jingdong app, and the subsidy is up to 1000 yuan. The replacement of air-conditioning products is more powerful: no limit on brand, no limit on service life and no limit on product appearance, the subsidy for all old hang ups is 300 yuan, and the subsidy for old cabinets is 600 yuan. The air conditioner I bought when I got married ten years ago is worth a lot! Hee hee~


With these appliances, I didn’t feel sad when I stayed indoors for more than half of 2020. One month after the start of this year, we plan to replace our home with a new large screen TV. Recently, Jingdong’s exclusive customized Sony 4K intelligent game TV x91j has become our target to open pre-sale in Sony Jingdong flagship store. It not only looks good, but also carries Sony XR cognitive chip, the latest flagship chip after x1, which can further refresh the user’s audio-visual experience to a new height. With it, I can perfectly meet my viewing needs and my husband’s game needs. In our spare time, we put down our mobile phones, play games and watch movies together. We will be very happy. Looking forward to~

With the participation of these appliances, now I feel less anxious, and found a lot of good things in life. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you learn to reduce your burden and add a candy in your busy life! of course! As a home-based money saver, you should also pay attention to buying home appliances. You must recognize the big platform, guarantee the quality of service, and choose the right time to make the discount more cost-effective. From March 9 to March 15, Jingdong 315 quality home appliance festival will reduce 30 for every 300, and will be interest free for up to 24 periods. Dear friends, hold on!



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