Connecting the bright future together: the 2021 Qualcomm Technology and cooperation summit is about to open

The 2021 Qualcomm Technology and cooperation summit with the theme of “connecting a better future together” will be held in Beijing water cube from May 21 to 22. In response to the theme of “accelerating digital transformation in a challenging era” advocated by 517 World Telecom day this year, the summit will extensively gather China’s ecological partners in the field of wireless communication and intelligent terminals, focus on mobile innovation, grasp the development trend of cutting-edge technology and industry, jointly promote the business process of 5g in China, and jointly accelerate the arrival of the era of Internet of things. The two-day summit will consist of three theme activities: 5g technology and cooperation summit, snapdragon night and technology open day. It will present a panoramic view of how Qualcomm will join hands with a wide range of ecosystem partners to create a bright future of intelligent interconnection of all things with 5g.

一起连接美好未来 2021高通技术与合作峰会即将拉开帷幕

2021 is the year of 5g accelerating popularization. As of March 2021, China has built 819000 5g base stations and 285 million 5g mobile terminal users. By 2025, China is expected to account for 30% of the world’s connectivity, which means that China will become the world’s largest 5g market. Against this background, at the 5g technology and cooperation summit held on the first day of the summit, Mr. Meng Pu, chairman of China, Mr. anmeng, President and CEO designate of Qualcomm, Mr. Alex katuzan, senior vice president and general manager of mobile, computing and infrastructure business of Qualcomm, and a number of company executives will join hands with a number of distinguished guests to deliver keynote speeches, Focus on 5g technology and industry, grasp the forward-looking layout, and promote ecological cooperation. In the process of promoting the popularity of 5g, Qualcomm has launched a wealth of 5g terminal solutions, not only for smart phones, but also for 5g modules, mobile hotspots, CPE, PC, XR, robots, Internet connected vehicles and other terminal types. At present, more than 800 products using Qualcomm snapdragon 5g technology have been released or are under development. At the same time, through in-depth and extensive industrial cooperation, Qualcomm is also further promoting the continuous evolution of 5g technology and ecological innovation.

In addition to the wonderful sharing of guests, on the evening of May 21, Qualcomm will bring the first exclusive offline activity, Xiaolong night, which is aimed at the Xiaoyou Association, the Xiaolong fan community of Qualcomm, to let the majority of Xiaolong fans enjoy the charm of technology. The technology open day on May 22 is for a wider range of science and technology enthusiasts to show the changes that science and technology will bring to future life in the form of science and Technology Expo.

Throughout the summit, Qualcomm will join hands with more than 100 ecological partners to present nearly 300 product and technology demonstrations. With the theme of “exploring the hard core world together”, “enjoying the sensory world together”, “enjoying the entertainment world together”, “enjoying the boundless world together” and “creating a wonderful world together”, the five experience areas will enable the majority of technology lovers to experience the whole process of “exploration appreciation interaction enjoyment creation” and explore the future life enabled by Qualcomm Technology.

Experience the future lifestyle and feel the power of science and technology. This year’s Qualcomm Technology and cooperation summit is undoubtedly a technology feast that can’t be missed in 2021.



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