Conference room all powerful artifact! Tablet experience of Oriental Central Plains ark Conference

The epidemic era has spawned the development of many industries, and even accelerated the intellectualization and interconnection of scientific and technological products to a certain extent. During the epidemic period, enterprises’ demand for telecommuting and online collaboration has greatly promoted the development of related equipment industry. Dongfangzhong was originally an excellent intelligent display device company. It not only developed rapidly through the dividend period of this industry, but also has great potential. In the spring of 2021, it launched a new “ark series” conference tablet. So what are the highlights of this new series of products that can continue to capture the hearts of consumers in the post epidemic era? Today, we’re going to go into some of the highlights of this product.

First of all, in terms of vision, the appearance of Dongfang Zhongyuan ark series conference panel is very calm, streamlined, ultra narrow, gray and black, and the overall design is low-key and classic, which is in line with its business positioning. The super narrow frame makes the screen more prominent, and the 4K anti glare large screen makes the display effect clear, delicate and eye-friendly. Both creative proposals and conference reports can be displayed with better effect.

It can be seen that the ark series business tablet has made quite a lot of office scene presets when designing products, and made some very intimate designs according to these presets.

First of all, it is reflected in its rich interface design, with three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output on the side, which can access multiple video signals at the same time and share the display screen conveniently. Three usb-a Android and windows common interface, front two full channel usb-a interface, different channels to transmit information, so that users can easily transfer data experience to the extreme. Not only that, but also equipped with a wireless screen transmission device, the wireless screen transmission device connected to the notebook, you can directly put the computer content wireless screen to the tablet, convenient and fast, get rid of wired constraints.

There are two major pain points when opening a video conference. One is the poor sound receiving effect of the microphone. When the number of people in the conference is large, it will appear very noisy, and even can not hear clearly. Second, the angle range of the front camera is too narrow, sometimes all participants can not be integrated into the picture.

After our actual test, we found that the sound of the video conference using the Dongfang Zhongyuan ark series conference panel is very clear, and even the voice of the person farthest from the equipment is very good. Thanks to the six microphone array on the ark, the pickup distance can reach eight meters, and the built-in human voice gain function also intelligently enhances the sound effect, which is very strong. On the other hand, the wide-angle camera of the ark tablet can easily bring the participants into the picture, and the 800W pixel camera also makes the picture quality better. With the great improvement of picture and sound effect, the efficiency of online meeting is greatly improved.

Dongfangzhongyuan’s whiteboard is also very powerful, with excellent writing experience. It has only 7ms delay, almost imperceptible, and the accuracy is only amazing ± 1 mm. Two handed writing pen supports multiple people to write at the same time, which is convenient for group achievement display. The tablet has preset three kinds of strokes: thick, medium and thin. It can also be set separately at both ends of the pen. With different color settings, different handwriting can be distinguished clearly, and the key points of the meeting can be seen at a glance.

In terms of network connection, the ark series tablet is equipped with both WiFi module and WLAN cable interface to prevent the wireless network from dropping at critical moments. It is worth mentioning that its WiFi hotspot module is detachable. When the tablet is idle, the WiFi module can be removed to provide more protection for information security.

Dongfang Zhongyuan ark series flat panel even supports negative one screen display. When it is idle, it can be transformed into a “propaganda wall” to display the company’s welcome page or corporate culture and make the best use of everything. It doesn’t need a third-party software to set a negative screen. You can directly slide to the right of the main screen to enter the welcome interface. You can also edit the displayed text at will. It can also support full screen display of pictures or videos to perfectly meet the needs of enterprise display and publicity.

The rapid development of science and technology has brought innovation and change. While perfectly meeting the needs of traditional meetings, Dongfang Zhongyuan ark series intelligent conference tablet also leads a new and efficient way of office and meeting. Its excellent display effect, perfect writing experience and intimate detail design make it the most cost-effective choice for enterprises to purchase Conference tablet. It is believed that Dongfang Zhongyuan ark series conference tablet will appear in more and more use scenarios and be a great success in the smart display market.



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