What purchasing skills does Bogu have? What brands does Bogu have

Bogu frame, also known as “duobaoge”, is a kind of indoor partition. Bogu shelf is placed indoors, generally used to put antiques, jade and other items. Therefore, bogujia has better ornamental value and practical value. Today, pchouse will work with you to learn about the purchasing skills of Bogu shelves and explore the brands of Bogu shelves.

1、 What purchasing skills does Bogu shelf have

1. Check the quality

Carefully check whether the quality of Bogu frame is qualified. First, check the type of wood indicated in the quality manual. Generally speaking, Bogu frame should try to choose strong and durable wood. Second, check the quality of Bogu frame technology, and check whether the paint on the surface is smooth and uniform. Third, smell the smell, and smell whether there is pungent smell near Bogu frame, so as to avoid buying Bogu frame with pungent smell.

2. Pay attention to the choice of size

There are many squares for antiques or ceramics in the Bogu shelf, which should be designed according to the height and width of different antiques so as not to waste space. Carefully check the space where antiques are placed on the Bogu shelf to see if it is applicable.

3. Check for firmness

The antiques are heavier, which is different from the items stored in other furniture. Therefore, the requirements for firmness are very high, especially the middle cross plate, so that the whole can be firm and durable.

2、 What brands does bogujia have

1. Lin’s Wood Industry

Foshan Chenglin Furniture Co., Ltd. is an Internet furniture enterprise integrating professional R & D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales. The business scope includes: Sales of furniture and building materials; Internet sales of furniture; computer software development, sales and maintenance services; home decoration services; furniture research and development; wholesale and retail industries.

2. Yaxuanzhai

Nantong yaxuanzhai mahogany Crafts Co., Ltd. takes mahogany as the core, adheres to the quality line, and wholeheartedly makes mahogany gifts. Its business scope includes: Mahogany crafts, home accessories sales, etc.

3. Yiyongxuan

Xianyou yiyongxuan Classical Furniture Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and exchange of classical furniture culture and art, and explore and inherit the art and culture of classical furniture. Its business scope includes the production and sales of classical furniture and wooden crafts.

Bogu shelf is a kind of furniture with partition function. At the same time, it has high ornamental value and practicability, so it is loved by many consumers. Then, in daily life, you can choose the best Bogu shelf according to the above methods.

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