Rx6700xt is in sufficient supply. A 3A platform configuration list is recommended

The supply of rx6700xt graphics card is obviously sufficient recently. At present, we can get one for about 7000 yuan. Considering that the game performance of rx6700xt is comparable to that of rtx3060ti at 8500 yuan level, this a card is very attractive for game players.

RX6700XT货源充足了 3A平台配置单推荐一份

Taking advantage of the abundant supply of rx6700xt, the author simply recommends a set of 3A game platform configuration list, which can be referred to by players who are interested in saving in the near future.

RX6700XT货源充足了 3A平台配置单推荐一份

At present, the new generation of graphics cards are generally too expensive. This is the general environment. It can’t be changed for a while. Can only say, please cherish the opportunity to play DIY hardware!

Graphics card — ASUS tuf-rx6700xt-o12g-gaming

RX6700XT货源充足了 3A平台配置单推荐一份

ASUS tuf-rx6700xt-o12g-gaming graphics card stands out among many products pursuing unique appearance with tough and simple style. At present, tuf E-sports agents are committed to providing stable and durable products for E-sports players. In this year, ASUS also designed a new logo for the tuf series, which enhances the image of stability and durability. At the same time, the simple and clean design highlights the modernity of fashion; The solid hexagonal geometry forms the core of tuf, forming the image of light armored forces, which makes the logo more recognizable than before.

The card is designed with three fans and a new upgraded axial fan. It is more efficient, silent and has a longer service life. The central fan reversing design reduces the air turbulence in the heat dissipation module and greatly improves the heat dissipation efficiency. With the intelligent start stop function of the fan, the fan below 55 degrees stops completely, providing a quieter use experience. The heat sink base adopts mirror polishing process, which makes the core close to the super large heat sink module, with VRAM heat sink and all metal ventilation backplane to further improve the heat dissipation efficiency. Although it is “tough and simple”, ASUS is still equipped with a light band and a luminous logo for tuf rx6700xt. Naturally, it also supports Shenguang synchronization. Using armour crite, you can customize RGB lighting, which sets off the atmosphere of electronic competition.

Processor — amd sharp dragon 5 5600x

RX6700XT货源充足了 3A平台配置单推荐一份

Ruilong 55600x is the cheapest product launched by AMD Ruilong 5000 series processors in the first batch. It mainly focuses on the mid-range processor market. It adopts 6-core 12 thread design, and the maximum acceleration frequency is 4.6ghz. The price is more than 2000 yuan.

According to the official introduction of AMD, its comprehensive improvement of the whole processor core, especially the adoption of a unified 8-core CCX design, which can directly access the 32MB L3 cache design, can make the “Zen 3” core architecture instruction per clock cycle (IPC) performance increase by 19% compared with the previous generation products, which is the biggest improvement since amd launched the “Zen” processor in 2017. At the same time, the ‘Zen 3’ core architecture reduces the delay caused by accelerating the communication between the core and the cache, and doubles the L 3 cache directly accessed by each core. At the same time, the performance per watt has a significant advantage. For this promotion, the frequency is not the most important thing, and the improvement of energy efficiency ratio is the more critical part.

CPU radiator: EK AIO 120 d-rgb water cooling radiator

RX6700XT货源充足了 3A平台配置单推荐一份

EK AIO 120 d-rgb has a high-performance centrifugal pump commonly used in professional split water cooling, which can provide more water than the pump in traditional integrated water cooling radiator. The shell of the water pump is made of PETG high transparent material, and supports d-rgb lamp effect. It is compatible with the lighting control function of main boards of various mainstream brands, which is very cool after lighting. The water cooling pipe is made of FEP polymer material and reinforced by reinforced mesh lining, which reduces the risk of liquid leakage and makes the service life longer. Three Vardar s fans at 550-2200rpm ± 10%, maximum wind pressure 43pa, maximum noise 38.4dba.

Motherboard — ASUS Rog Strix b550-a gaming

RX6700XT货源充足了 3A平台配置单推荐一份

ASUS Rog Strix b550-a gaming snowblowing motherboard not only has outstanding appearance, but also has strong configuration. With 12 + 2 power supply module, super alloy inductor and enhanced solid-state capacitor, not only the power conversion efficiency is higher, the temperature of power supply area is lower, the service life is longer and more stable. With 8 + 4Pin special solid power interface, the main power interface is also covered with metal armor, providing additional stability and heat dissipation capacity, fully meeting the needs of the new generation processor, bringing the ultimate experience for players. The second generation memory optimization of optimem II can greatly improve the memory overclocking space and stability, and the memory frequency can reach more than 4600mhz (overclocking). In addition, it has a full range of heat dissipation schemes, including super large heat dissipation fins, special heat conduction stickers, 6-layer PCB and chipset heat dissipation fins, which greatly improves the heat dissipation effect and keeps fighting full of blood without pressure. The fan of the control system can also be monitored in real time by fan xpert 4 intelligent fan control software to keep the system calm.

ASUS b550 snowblowing motherboard supports the technology of pci4.0, and has higher bandwidth and transmission rate, which is twice faster than pci3.0. And the dual m.2 fast interface is equipped with efficient heat sink, which can effectively reduce the temperature and ensure the SSD fast transmission. In addition, the on-board lightning 3-pin, together with the lightning 3 expansion card, can achieve a transmission speed of up to 40Gb / s, and connect more devices, bringing you a fast experience in the future.

Memory — Kingston fury series DDR4 3600 16GB (8GB) × 2) Suit

RX6700XT货源充足了 3A平台配置单推荐一份

Kingston fury lightning series DDR4 has a very high popularity. The reason why it can be recognized by consumers is mainly because of the years of reputation accumulation of thunderbolt series hackers. On the one hand, it is the compatibility that consumers value most, and on the other hand, it is reliability. Moreover, the price performance is also very good, even cheaper than some second-line brands, so that consumers can not resist! In addition, the details of DDR4 thunderbolt series are also excellent. The cool heat sink is more fashionable and compact in appearance, easy to install and provides higher heat dissipation efficiency. The heat sink is covered with selected high-quality DRAM chips, which are rigorously tested in the production process to ensure stability and reliability. Gold finger adopts smooth curve design, compared with the traditional straight gold finger, it can not only ensure the stable installation and stable transmission of signal, but also easy to plug in and out operation.

Hard disk — Kingston a2000 series m.2 solid state hard disk 1TB

RX6700XT货源充足了 3A平台配置单推荐一份

Kingston a2000 series SSD has three capacities of 250GB, 500GB and 1TB for users to choose from. Among them, the price of 1TB capacity is about 750 yuan, which perfectly replaces the previous market of a1000. In terms of performance, Kingston a2000 also achieves the expected performance, with sequential read and write speeds of 2200mb / s and 2000mb / s respectively, which is about 30% higher than a1000. At the same time, Kingston a2000’s 4K reading ability and large file continuous writing ability are equally excellent, ensuring that there will be no jam and speed drop during operation.

Kingston a2000 series SSDs are equipped with customized TT heat sink as standard, which can effectively reduce the temperature of SSDs and ensure their full performance. Of course, as a first-line storage brand, Kingston’s ultra-high stability and perfect after-sales service are also the competitive advantages of its products, so that consumers can feel at ease. Whether it’s DIY desktop assembly or notebook upgrade, Kingston a2000 is a good choice with high cost performance.

Chassis — ASUS tuf gaming gt501

RX6700XT货源充足了 3A平台配置单推荐一份

ASUS tuf gaming gt501 electronic competitive agent chassis adopts the mainstream ATX design, and the overall weight reaches 10.5kg. Design ID uses the combination of military and electronic competition wind, simple but not lack of strong. The exterior design inherits the design concept of the Esprit series. The side panel of the chassis is made of blackened tempered glass. The 4mm thick tempered glass is specially strengthened, and the bottom is also equipped with anti falling buckle, which greatly enhances the safety factor of the chassis and avoids damage caused by broken glass.

This chassis not only has sharp appearance, but also has strong heat dissipation performance. Seven fan positions are provided inside the chassis for players to adjust the position of fans at will. Three 120mm fans are pre installed on the top of the chassis, and each fan is equipped with 11 blades, which can provide high static pressure air flow and have confidence in heat dissipation. With large air volume, it also supports ASUS aura sync synchronous light effect. With the motherboard and graphics card, it can create a more cool synchronous light effect and make your host easy to dazzle!

Power supply — TT TPG RGB 650W

RX6700XT货源充足了 3A平台配置单推荐一份

TT TPG RGB 650W is a full module gold medal RGB power supply with 10-year warranty. Working in the input voltage environment of 100-240V, single + 12V circuit can provide a maximum power output of 650W, which has perfect support for CPU overclocking and high-end graphics card. Through the RGB lighting button on the power supply, users can switch between RGB color, red, blue, green, white and off modes, which has good playability and ornamental value. The 256 bit color RGB lamp effect, smart zero fan intelligent silent temperature control fan, low operating noise, full module design, 100% Japanese materials and 10-year warranty all make TT TPG RGB 650W one of the products with more and stronger characteristics in high-end power supply.



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