Dpreview announces Sony α I got the highest score ever!

Recently, dpreview announced its new flagship full frame micro order for Sony α In the end, the machine won the first place in the list of camera test with 93% Gold Award. Previously, the first place in Sony’s Micro list was the 91% gold award of a7s III.

dpreview公布索尼α1测试成绩 获得有史以来最高分!

Sony α 1. Advantages:

1) Excellent image quality, high resolution and excellent dynamic range;

2) Support 8K, 4K video recording, and the image quality and function are excellent and rich;

3) High speed, silent electronic shutter will not reduce the image quality;

4) Very good auto focus system, almost no shortcomings;

5) Electronic viewfinder (EVF) provides greater, higher, better resolution and greater magnification;

6) Excellent ergonomic design, excellent balance of handling and volume;

7) It gives a brand new menu with excellent design, good interaction and sensitive response;

8) Static photo shooting and video shooting settings can be saved separately, with a very high user-defined space;

9) It adopts double card slot design and supports uhs-ii SD and cfexpress a at the same time;

10) It can achieve up to 20 lossless compressed raw shots per second;

11) Flash synchronization speed is high, mechanical shutter can reach 1 / 400, electronic shutter also has 1 / 200;

12) Rich wireless and wired connections are enough to meet the needs of most professionals and enthusiasts;

13) The shooting supports heif and HLG, which can give full play to the compatible monitor performance and obtain more realistic HDR effect;

Sony α 1. Shortcomings:

1) The back screen size is a little small, the resolution is not high enough, not as good as competitive products;

2) Only JPEG, heif and lossy compressed raw formats are supported for 30 high-speed shots per second;

3) 30 shots per second is still limited to shots, only some shots can support it;

4) The pixel displacement high-resolution mode needs to be combined with software for image synthesis, which has an impact on the practicality, and can not provide the function of motion correction;

5) When the electronic viewfinder (EVF) is in c-af mode or high refresh mode, the resolution will decrease;

6) The auto focus of human, animal and Bird Eyes still needs the user to set the focus priority manually;

7) Compared with the flagship model, the battery life still needs to be improved.

dpreview公布索尼α1测试成绩 获得有史以来最高分!


Sony α 1 is Sony’s most outstanding and perfect replaceable lens camera so far. It provides an excellent combination of high speed and high resolution. It has excellent comprehensive performance in both static shooting and video ability. Although this comprehensive performance makes its price not so cheap, but α It can meet the shooting needs of almost any subject of most professional photographers.

Suitable for the crowd: it can meet the needs of almost all professional photographers who need high-quality materials;

Not suitable for the crowd: unable to give full play to α 1 powerful comprehensive performance of the photographer or need very high resolution, ultra-high dynamic range of the photographer.



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