Ps5 can’t be equipped with top peripherals? Jingdong’s exclusive customized Sony x91j Game TV has started pre-sale

As a senior game enthusiast, he resisted all kinds of scalpers’ price increases when the overseas version of Playstation 5 was released, avoided the delicious game videos played by major game bloggers, and finally waited for the release time of BOC ps5. There is no need to say more about ps5. Feedback from all walks of life shows that from appearance to interior, from handle to performance, the sense of next generation is very strong. It is stepping into a new era. Anyway, I don’t talk much nonsense. When I’m online, I’ll take it immediately.


Of course, it is said that “a good horse matches a good saddle”. After waiting for so long, it is impossible to let it “fight alone”. Since it announced its launch time from April to June, I’ve been choosing a good peripheral as a partner for the upcoming ps5. It seems that the recently launched Jingdong exclusive customized Sony 4K intelligent game TV x91j is a perfect match. The original ps5, whose performance is 5.5 times higher than that of the standard PS4, plus the long-awaited free space robot: wireless controller user’s guide, the cross generational spider man: Miles Morales, and the exclusive devil’s Soul: reset, plus the x91j. Just think about it all feel good, ask which game enthusiasts can resist the temptation of the “top stream”!


Some people say that game TV is “IQ tax”, but they are just worried about whether it is worth it or not. This x91j is a revolutionary game peripheral equipment based on Jingdong appliance’s huge data advantage and consumer feedback, which helps Sony in both production and consumption. Key words: equipped with XR cognitive chip, it can bring a new visual experience according to the game configuration. Not enough? Sony flagship TV’s XR Terri color Pro display technology, XR contrast enhancement technology, multi-channel screen sound field technology, and x91j all take photos. Imagine being able to experience the next generation of games in such top picture quality and sound quality. My family, it’s really delicious! In addition, x91j, as a game TV, also supports specially designed “game mode”, with a minimum input delay of 8.5ms, supports 4K 120Hz signal input / display, and combines with VRR variable refresh rate, which can basically eliminate the sense of tearing and fault on the screen. Even in games such as sports, shooting and racing, it can be clear and smooth without trailing. Sony has a deep love for ps5 because it can perfectly meet the needs of next generation games in all aspects!

Take home, take home, one will not be less! Want to start friends, this is Jingdong exclusive customized, now has begun to pre-sale, this summer depends on them, Chong!



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