Advanced version of Youxia G15 launched: with rtx3060 up to 8-core CPU

Recently, Dell released the advanced version of the game box G15, which can be equipped with AMD sharp dragon R7 processor and NVIDIA rtx3060 graphics card, and adopts this year’s new ID design.

In terms of performance, Youxia G15 is equipped with a brand new amd sharp dragon R7 series processor and zen3 architecture. The graphics card is NVIDIA rtx3060, which supports ray tracing and dlss2.0. The standard power consumption is 115W. With the cooperation of dynamicboost and the exclusive G mode of upstream box, 3A games can be played freely.

In terms of heat dissipation, the highest version of G15 adopts a new dual air intake and four exhaust heat dissipation design. Compared with the traditional single air inlet, it increases the air “displacement” of notebook, and carries out targeted heat dissipation for CPU and GPU. At the same time, according to different use scenarios, players can choose other four preset modes to adjust according to their own needs.

In terms of display effect, the current tour box G15 can choose 15.6 inches, 165hz, 100% sRGB low blue light electronic competition screen, and the maximum choice in the future is 360hz. It is worth mentioning that the high refresh screen (165hz-360hz) adopts physical anti blue light technology to filter out harmful light while maintaining the primary color of the screen without yellowing, reducing eyestrain.

In terms of design, the G15 adopts the industrial design concept of Voyager, paying homage to the great expedition of Voyager. The fuselage surface is integrated; Mica embellishment is used to add texture and hardness; 290 parallel lines etched by laser on the surface form an isosceles triangle, forming a pure, powerful and perceptual totem.

For users who are interested in mainstream games (especially those who are grabbing rtx30 game books recently), Youxia G15 is a good choice.



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