ASUS Tianxuan 2 new machine gets 6399

The price of ASUS Tianxuan 2, which has a new rtx30 card, has been officially announced. It costs only 6499 yuan, and the actual price is 6399 yuan. The game will be officially on sale at 19:00 on May 11, so mainstream players can pay more attention to it.


NVIDIA’s latest rtx30 series light tracing card will be released soon, and ASUS Tianxuan 2 will also provide users with more configuration options. Rtx30 is a kind of light tracing card. The second generation RT core integrated with GPU can achieve more realistic real-time ray tracing effect. What kind of graphics card do you think it will be?

In terms of processor, ASUS Tianxuan 2’s new machine uses amd sharp dragon 7 5800h mobile standard voltage processor, which is based on Zen 3 architecture and more mature 7Nm process. It has 8 cores, 16 threads, and 16MB three-level cache. It can achieve 19% instruction per clock cycle (IPC) improvement and 24% energy efficiency improvement. It has an unparalleled game performance!


As a professional game book, this new machine is specially equipped with an electronic competition display with 144hz refresh rate and adaptive sync technology. The 144hz video game screen has more than twice the refresh rate of the ordinary 60Hz display screen. Combined with the advanced adaptive sync adaptive synchronization technology, it can present the smooth game screen for the players.

In addition, in order to help this high-performance game run continuously and stably for a long time, it is also equipped with ice cooling architecture and quantum honeycomb air intake design. Glacier cooling structure with three outlets, keep the game passion, but easily take away the battle heat, provide a strong guarantee for the continuous output of the game firepower.


First class configuration, attractive price, ASUS Tianxuan 2 new machine is still very attractive. Once again, this game will be on sale at 19:00 p.m. on May 11.

Author: Zhang Fan



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