Fuyi group sells four American wine brands

Beijing business daily (reporter Zhao Fengrui) on March 12, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned that Fuyi wine group (hereinafter referred to as “Fuyi group”) has reached a long-term agreement with the wine group on some of its American popular wine brands, which will purchase and sell Beringer main & amp; Wine brands such as vine, Beringer founders’ estate, coastal estates and meridian, and gradually acquire the existing stocks of these brands.

Beijing business daily learned from the relevant responsible person of Benfu that Tim Ford, chief executive of Fuyi group, said that for both parties, the transaction can produce common long-term interests for their own enterprises. For Fuyi group, it is a milestone to realize the high-quality American wine business in the future. Now we can continue to focus on the growth of high-quality brand portfolio to promote the future performance in America.

Cate Hardy, chief executive of the wine group, said the acquisition of these brands could further consolidate the wine group’s positioning. Adding these brands complements the wine group’s segment.

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