Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra revealed to have three “black technologies”

The galaxy S22 ultra, a new generation of Samsung’s flagship mobile phone, is expected to be released next year. Earlier, it was rumored that it would add 200 megapixel camera and cooperate with Olympus. Recently, three amazing “black technologies” have emerged from this machine, making the product more worthy of your expectation.

三星Galaxy S22 Ultra被曝将具备三大“黑科技”

According to a well-known Samsung informant on the Internet, Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra will add three technologies, including continuous optical zoom periscope lens, front camera under screen and GPU developed by Samsung and AMD.

At present, the periscope lens of mobile phone is fixed focal length. If you want to take a further image, you need to use digital zoom. The continuous optical zoom periscope lens mentioned by the informant is estimated to be a real multi segment optical zoom lens. Assuming that the focal length of the periscope of the mobile phone is about 270mm, next year Panasonic Galaxy S22 ultra’s continuous optical zoom periscope lens may use optical zoom in the 135mm-270mm focal range, or it can improve the imaging of this focal range.

As for the front camera under the screen, Samsung has said that it will apply this technology for many years, and it is said that this year’s folding screen mobile phone Galaxy fold 3 will be adopted for the first time, which is expected to turn the screen into a truly comprehensive one; As for joining the GPU developed by Samsung and AMD in mobile phones, this concept is relatively new on mobile phones, because mobile phones mainly use the GPU in SoC for image processing, and the application of independent GPU may improve the image processing capability, but the power consumption is estimated to be large, and there may not be games that can support higher resolution display. Whether the game performance has been improved or not, we need to try.




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