Give her peace of mind on Mother’s day and take Xiaobai wisdom gate H1 home

I still remember when I was a child, every time I played outside, I didn’t go home until it was dark. I often lost my key because I had too much fun, and finally had to knock on the door to let my mother open the door. Although mother’s reprimand followed, it is still an interesting episode in those innocent years in retrospect.

In the twinkling of an eye, several years later, it seems that we have exchanged roles with our mother. With the increase of age, the protagonist who forgets to bring the key becomes her mother. As they get older and older, they always forget to bring their keys because of memory decline, and then have to call their children to open the door with a guilty tone. The security door is still the iron general guarding the family, but my mother is no longer the omnipotent strong woman in my memory. They gradually become the old people who need our care and care.

Check out the news, because there are many problems caused by my mother forgetting her key. For example, on New Year’s Eve, an old man who lives alone forgets his key and locks himself out of the door. Because he forgets his key and is reluctant to smash the door, the old man does not take medicine on time. These problems, which are easy to solve for young people, are often difficult to solve for an old man, and even contain many dangers.

What’s more worrying is that when these things happen, in order not to affect the children’s work, the mother often won’t take the initiative to tell the children. Even if the children know it, we can’t solve the problem at the first time. At this time, a small key may also lead to more serious consequences.

At this time, choose a more reassuring, more intelligent door, has become the best choice. Combined with the actual needs of mothers, the door should have a variety of unlocking modes other than keys, solid and reliable materials, and other devices to ensure safety. In line with these basic needs, Xiaobian searched N kinds of new anti-theft doors on the Internet, and finally found a product that perfectly meets these conditions – Xiaobai smart door H1 developed by chuangmi technology.


Xiaobai wisdom gate H1

This door push was launched in July last year, incorporating many of the latest black technologies. First of all, as a smart door, it has five kinds of unlocking methods: password, mobile phone Bluetooth, dynamic password, key and fingerprint, and the pattern unlocking is specially used to treat forgotten keys.

Xiaobian thinks that fingerprint unlocking should be the most common and convenient way, and chuangmi technology has also made great efforts in this aspect. They specially used high-quality Swedish FPC fingerprint sensor, with large area and many pixels, and the fingerprint recognition passing rate can reach 99.7%. Even if the fingerprints of the elderly are not clear and their fingers are wet when doing housework, they can be perfectly identified.


In addition, xiaobaimen also has many security functions suitable for mothers, such as the visual security system. There is a high-definition night vision camera outside the door, which can monitor the situation outside the door all day. If there is a suspicious person staying, it can automatically identify and send the video to the app of the designated mobile phone. In this way, even if we are thousands of miles away, we can always grasp the safety information at home, and absolutely ensure the safety of the elderly at home. Xiaobai smart gate’s software system is also like an iron wall. The anti electromagnetic and anti hacker design can effectively prevent electromagnetic attacks such as Tesla coil and electronic virus attacks, leaving criminals no chance.


Mothers often encounter problems such as not locking when they go out and forgetting to hit the door, which Xiaobai wisdom door has completely overcome. It can automatically lock the door 3 seconds after the owner leaves home to prevent the risk of forgetting to hit the door.

Maybe the unfamiliarity of electronic products is the last obstacle for mothers to use Xiaobai smart gate, but there’s no need to worry. This is also thought of by chuangmi technology. Its human-computer interaction is very simple, and there is no complex key and operation process. The high-definition screen in the door will light up automatically when people are close to it, showing external weather information and external real-time picture. The electronic lock only needs to input password or press fingerprint. Even the power anxiety does not need to be considered. Xiaobai smart gate can directly connect with the mains power to ensure that the power will never be cut off.

Mothers as long as rest assured to use, the rest of all to Xiaobai. After all, Xiaobai smart door perfectly integrates intelligent doorbell, intelligent cat’s eye, intelligent door lock and high-end anti-theft door. One door can top four doors. It’s easy to please mothers.

After a lot of mother’s day, maybe you already have a headache about giving gifts. Maybe you haven’t come home for a long time and you can’t understand your mother’s preference. But it’s absolutely right to send this door of peace of mind. What is more important than Mom’s safety? Give her Xiaobai wisdom gate, let mother really feel your protection!



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